~Chapter Nineteen~

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[Carrington Enterprises]
Six Months Later. . .

It's still hard to fathom, that me, the bachelor of all bachelors is engaged to be married. Sabine, her mother, and all of the Carrington women have been diligently planning our wedding.

In the meantime, we finally emerged victorious in our battle with, Winthrop Oil. There was a big article in a leading US magazine, that named The Five Biggest Oil Companies in the World. . .

Flashback. . .

Philip Winthrop, held a banquet for all the important Oil Companies. He was hoping to embarrass Carrington Enterprises, and boast about his company's latest achievements.

"Mr. Carrington, I have Philip Winthrop on line one. Should I transfer his call to the Conference Room?" Grey's secretary, cut in on our current business meeting. He was discussing an important decision, with Colton, Brody, Colin, myself, and Andrew Thatcher.

"Thank you. Go ahead, Lauren." Grey put Philip on speaker phone, "Grey, I wanted to invite you, and all of your Board Members to our Annual Business Dinner."

"Sure, Mr. Winthrop. What date, and time should we be there?" Grey answered him so smoothly, not tipping his hand. He put his finger up to his lips, for us to be quiet in the background.

"The Dinner is next Saturday evening, at 6 pm. We'll find out the standings of the top oil companies in the world. I'm sad to hear, that you all have fallen to the back of the pack. I hope things start to turn around for you, soon. But I didn't want to leave you out, with us being comrades, so to speak." Mr. Winthrop was the happiest, sad person, that I have ever heard. He definitely, isn't a good actor.

Grey sighed, "Yeah, we've had a few rough patches, without getting into our business. We'll definitely, come. Thanks for the invitation." We all burst out laughing in the conference room, after Grey ended the phone call.

It was a big fancy gathering, with the elite from Texas. It was being held at the historic, Statler Hotel in Downtown Dallas. Each company had their own table. Carrington Enterprises was out in full force. I was with my fiancée, Sabine. My brother, and cousins were with their wives. Even, Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher came.

"I'm so happy that you all made it. I hope you enjoy the evening." Mr. Winthrop extended his hand, with an upturned smile, and a firm hand shake.

There was a cocktail our, with appetizers set up in chaffing dishes. It looked more like dinner. The food was so plentiful, and delicious. They even had carving stations. Everyone mingled, and was very friendly.

One guest, was a little too friendly, "Hi, my name is Gary. You are absolutely beautiful. Can I have your phone number?" He breathed in words to Sabine.

I quickly, diffused that conversation, "No! You may not have her phone number. I'm her fiancé, she is already spoken for." I slipped my hand into Sabine's, and we left Gary standing there.

"Shayne, I could have handled that situation," she spoken in a low irritated tone.

I halted my steps, "I know you are a very self sufficient, and capable woman.
I highly respect that about you. But, I was in fiancé mode. I love that you are
mine to protect." I gave her a gentle graze across her lips, and she had no more
to say on that issue.


The Chairman announced from the podium, "We are going to do things a little different, this year. The cocktail hour is over, and I need everyone to take their seats."

"Thank you for coming, Ladies and Gentleman. Usually, we announce The Five Biggest Oil Companies in the World, after we eat dinner. But we got the stats in, and I'm too excited not to share them with you, now." He spoke excitedly.

He put his reading glasses on, and cleared his throat, "There was a big article in a leading US magazine, that named The Five Biggest Oil Companies in the World. ExxonMobil, was the only US Company named on that list. Let's give them a round of congratulatory applause, for a job well deserved!"

ExxonMobil, is an American oil company, with its headquarters in Texas. It ranks fifth among the biggest oil companies, in the world by revenue generated. The company was founded in 1999, through the merger of Exxon {formerly Standard Oil Company of New Jersey} and Mobil {formerly the Standard Oil Company of New York} and has a revenue of over 200 billion dollars. Making it the fifth largest oil company in the world, and their employee roster is in the thousands.

So, I definitely take my hat off to them. We all cheered, and gave them a standing ovation.

"I'd also like to give an Honorable Mention, to Carrington Enterprises. They rank second, amongst The Biggest Oil Companies in the US. They have merged with Thatcher Industries, owned by Andrew Thatcher, in England. They are now known as, CarringtonThatcher Enterprises. Let's give them a round of applause, for their huge accomplishment, and we wish you continued success." The Chairmen led everyone in a standing ovation, for our company.

I couldn't help looking at Philip Winthrop, and his company table. His jaw dropped, he had a stunned expression on his face, and was not clapping. He started flailing his arms expressively, and making gestures as he was speaking to someone at his table.

He turned, and our eyes met momentarily, as he realized that I was watching him. His face turned beet red. He took a swig of his alcoholic beverage, and slammed the glass down on the table, as he rose from his chair, and walked out of the room. He never returned for the rest of the evening. I guess that bombshell revelation, was too much for him to process.

Grey looked at me, and tried to keep his professional decorum. We all couldn't believe the announcement, and reception we received, at this Dinner. We were just as shocked, and overjoyed at our tremendous success. It was Mr. Thatcher and I who came up with the idea to merge our two companies. Since he considers us family, being Colin's father-in-law, it was a win win.

End of Flashback. . .

We moved into new office buildings in the heart of the Dallas, Business District.
One of our former accounts wanted to leave Philip Winthrop, and come back to CarringtonThatcher Enterprises.

Grey expressed, "I'll have to get back to you at a later date. We have so many accounts, that are clamoring for a spot. We're in the process of a big move, and we're juggling everything right now."

Grey hung up the phone, and yelled out loud, "That felt great!"

He continued, as he looked at us, "This guy, was one of our long time accounts. He jumped ship when he thought we were sinking. Now, he wants to come back since we're on top. I don't think so!"

I can't believe the change in my cousin, but I love it. We've all changed in many positive ways. We had to fight to keep our company thriving. Our fathers would be so proud. Colin and I, came from a total different upbringing, but we were assets, nevertheless! Who would think, that I would play such a major role? Mr. Arrogant, as my lovely fiancée used to call me. I had to chuckle to myself, just thinking about her.

Next, on my agenda is somehow dealing with, Skyler Pennington. He hurt Sabine, and on top of it all, he was just using her to get information for Philip Winthrop. I didn't forget that! Philip lost, and Skyler did too. But I need to have my say. I invited him to go for drinks, after work. Just the two of us. . .

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