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My jaw drops at the sight of this beautiful boy standing in front of me, he’s the type of boy that makes a girl blush just when he looks here way. His shaggy dirty blonde almost light brown hair sticks out in all directions like he just got up and didn’t bother to fix his bed head; but it worked for him. As soon as I looked into his eyes I was lost; they looked like a stain glass window with millions of shades of greens making one small picture of beauty, the emerald green by his pupils outlined with little explosions of moss green at the edges mixed with the millions of other shades was almost enchanting. His skin was a delicious looking mocha colour that made me want to just touch him.

“Well?” he asked rocking back on his heels. I felt like an idiot just staring at him but I couldn’t help it.

“Oh uh, I got lost and I can’t find my room so I decided to sit here. I figured someone would find me eventually.” I said with a huff and shrug of my shoulders.

“Well your lucky I came along, I know this building like the back of my hand.” He raised his hand and pointed to it. “Hey when did that freckle get there?” he asked shooting me a beaming smile which sent me into a giggle fit. I laughed hysterically until I felt a large hand cover my mouth; the sudden contact with this strange boy shocked me out of laughing fit and made me stare at him in shock. Still covering my mouth he raised a finger on his free hand to his mouth signaling me to be quiet, he then pointed down the hallway to three passing guards. I was so taken aback by his hand over my mouth that I hadn’t noticed how close the rest of his body was to mine. I looked down at our legs which were a tangled mess and our chests were pushed together. The way our bodies are tangled tugs at a distant memory of me and Damian laying on his bedroom floor hiding from Bruce before trying to escape; I stop my memory there and mentally slap myself this is nothing like that. We stay in the same awkward position until we are sure the guards are gone, my face is burning and I can bet any money it’s as red as a tomato.

“Why so red?” the boy laughs standing up cracking his neck. His comment proves my point of being embarrassed further.

“Shut up, but thank you I don’t need not returning to my room added to the list of trouble I have caused here.” I say with a small smile.

“Ya you’re not exactly the easiest person they have brought in, hell you probably one of the worst what with you getting in fights with fellow patients and you know the guard.” He whispers trailing off at the end as he reaches up to scratch his neck and avoid eye contact. I could see it in his beautiful green eyes; I could see the fear and terror hidden behind them.

“It wasn’t exactly a planned thing.” I spit at him.

“Was the first time though, first time since I got here a few years back anyways. Sure people have tried to do away with one of the staff but none have succeeded.” He pauses looking straight into my eyes for a few seconds. “Except you.” He says bluntly boring his eyes into mine.

“So?” I question.

“It’s just amazing; you’re what 120 pound and 5 foot 4? And you were able to take that guard down like it was nothing.” He said flabbergasted throwing his hands up in the air.

“I’m a 125 and 5foot 5 thank you very much.” I huff

“Whatever I thought it was great.” He said sliding down the wall to sit across from me. “So what’s your name, mis well get acquainted well we are here.” He said with a blank face, the care free boy I was introduced to gone.

“Kuryen, Kuryen Severn and yours?” I say with a smirk.

“Salem, Salem Pearce.” He said with a deep loathing in his voice and eyes. “Why do you do that?” he asked cocking his head sideways.

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