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"Step away." Wanda warned, her voice was filled with anger but Thanos simply chuckled at her

"You have nothing against me child," Thanos replied "You are simply a pawn that'll get thrown away, step away and I will spare your life."

Wanda shook her head vigorously "At least I'll try."

She attacked Thanos but the Mad Titan wasn't in the mood to play games, with a simple wave of his hand Wanda flew back to the tree, Vision was not in the lab anymore instead he was lying limp on the small log beside Wanda, Thanos' children managed to get in the lab and injure Vision but Wanda did her best to get him out

Thanos smiled as soon as he saw the gem on Vision's forehead, slowly he went to grab it but was taken aback as he felt something pushing him, Wanda was between him and Vision, her right hand was pushing Thanos back whilst her left was destroying the stone on her lover's forehead, her soft sobs were heard as Vision reassured her that none of it was her fault

After a few minutes the stone was destroyed and so was Vision, Wanda broke into tears as the Avengers stood in shock waiting for Thanos to attack out of rage, Thor was beside Steve gripping his stormbreaker tightly and waited like the others, Wanda glared at the titan, waiting for him to kill her but he simply laughed

Thanos shook his head "You seem powerful, yet it's not enough."

The time stone glowed and in an instant time seemed to move backwards but only within Vision, Wanda and Thanos himself, the Avengers were about to interfere but the power gem pulsed a strong energy field that sent them flying towards the trees

Not long enough Vision started to appear again and so did Wanda, Thanos smiled as he went back in time before Wanda could attack him, he used the power stone to counter Wanda's attack and sent her flying towards Steve, Thanos immediately grabbed Vision's neck and lifted him from the ground, he smirked and slowly grabbed the mind stone from Vision's forehead crushing it in the process, Wanda gasped as she tried to run towards him but Steve held him back

Thanos stood triumphantly as he placed the last stone on it's place, he clenched his fist and it seemed like a surge of power occured pushing back all the trees in the process, Rhodey looked around and noticed all the trees around them laying limply on the ground

A small portal opened and out came Spider-Man while helping Tony who seemed to have been stabbed on the side, Star Lord, Mantis, Drax, Nebula, and Doctor Strange also stepped out of the portal not saying a thing as they stared at Thanos who was rejoicing in his victory

Rocket and Groot went to their team as Bucky stood beside Steve, Peter helped Tony seat beside a fallen tree as they all seemed devastated by their defeat, Thor was extremely mad but even he knew he had no power to defeat Thanos

"All of you heroes," Thanos started as the remaining Black Order stood beside him namely: Proxima Midnight, Cull Obsidian and Corvus Glaive

"Earth's Mightiest Heroes," He glanced over to the avengers "Not so mighty,"

"Guardians of the Galaxy," His eyes trailed to Quill as Peter just glared at him "Yet you failed to guard it,"

"Kings," He looked over to T'Challa and Thor "But couldn't save their own kingdoms,"

"And Gods," Thanos' eyes was fixed simply on Thor whose eyes and body was glistening with lightning "Yet I managed to kill one easily,"

It was enough to anger Thor as he soared from above, the skies turned dark as thunder roared, he gathered all of his power and aimed it at Thanos, it was strong enough to send his children flying back but Thanos stood his ground using the gauntlet as a shield that seemed to contain all the lightning Thor threw at him,

Thanos moved a bit just as Thor stopped and flashed him an evil grin, he aimed the gauntlet at Thor and at once Thor realized it was his death, he was going to die by his own power and he found it deserving, he was ready to meet his brother again and for once he didn't move, maybe it was his plan all along, his teammates' eyes grew wide as everything seemed to move slowly, Steve and the others was shouting at Thor to get out of the way but he was eager, he didn't bat an eye

"And now I'll be able to kill two."

Before Thanos could blast him into pieces a bright light appeared in between Thanos and Thor, for a moment it felt like a pathway from the bifrost, everyone stood still in their places at they waited for the unknown creature to emerge, wanting to identify if it was a friend or foe

"Lay a finger on my brother and I shall show you what suffering is."

Thor knew that voice, he knew it too well, he started to see a kneeling figure with a horned helmet, a golden sceptre in hand and an armor he knew, his heart started to race as the figure stood up with an arrogant stance

"Have you missed me too much brother?"

Thanos was annoyed as he directed all the power to Loki, Thor's eyes grew wide as he attempted to push Loki out of the way

"Loki!" He shouted but was shocked to see him stand his ground, Loki moved his hand as the power directed to him turned into nothing but green smoke

"Impossible.." Thanos mumbled

As if his children hinted something in their father's voice and attacked the Trickster, Thor froze as he looked at how his brother's eyes turned green and for a moment he didn't move. Loki hovered above the air and the green mist started lacing up his body pulsing such strong energy. Loki had seen it for the first time and adored it, Proxima drew out her spear and aimed for him but with a simple swing of vardaggen she fell with her own spear broken, Cull Obsidian roared and tried to tackle Loki but was taken aback when an energy blast threw him off his fist, Loki smiled at his newfound power and easily used his scepter to impale Cull, Corvus grew mad and tried using his own weapon to stab Loki but the trickster god was skilled in combat too, he ducked and conjured twin daggers then threw it at Corvus

Loki smirked and went back down, everyone's mouth was ajar even Thor's, he couldn't believe it was his brother standing in front of him, alive and powerful than ever.

"Stop staring and let's finish this brother." said Loki that brought Thor back to reality he smiled and grabbed stormbreaker breaker from the ground

Thanos looked around and realized his beloved Black Order had died in the hands of the Trickster, it was enough to anger him as he tried using the gauntlet on the brothers but something held him back, Doctor Strange appeared behind Thanos and used his lasso to bind the Titan's wrist

"You do not know what balance is," Thanos hissed and with glow of purple Strange was sent flying by the power stone, everyone started attacking Thanos and prevented him from using the gauntlet, Steve threw his shield, Wanda tried to bind him, Quill using some tech that attached Thanos' other hand to the ground

Loki looked over to Thor who still looked dazed "We shall talk when we finish this,"

Thor only nodded as his eyes turned blue, Loki did the same as his eyes shifted back to green, it was glowing with power, emitting a hint that the two people hovering in the air were certainly gods

"And you might've forgotten who you're dealing with," Loki smirked just as the thunder started to roar once more,

Thor raised stormbreaker and threw it at Thanos, with all of the mad titan's strength he pried himself away from those that binds him and aimed the gauntlet at the stormbreaker in an attempt to stop it but it still continued its way and was soon plunged at the mad titan's chest

Thor walked closer to him and pushed stormbreaker deeper that showed pain screaming from Thanos' expression,

"I told you you'd pay for that."

Thor was so enraged at the moment that he hadn't realize that the titan was slowly raising his gauntlet, his eyes started to widen as he concluded what he was going to do

"You should've gone for the he-"

"Head." Loki finished

Before Thanos could snap a blade interrupted him, it was so quick that it left the head on for a while before it rolled to the ground along with the body, Thor's mouth dropped ajar as he looked at his brother whose eyes were glowing green along with the green power lingering in his body and sceptre, Loki glared at the head that rolled over to him and simply stepped on it 

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