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Do you guys prefer the long chapters or short ones (though there aren't many)?

Because trust me ... most chapters from here on out are pretty long.

* * *

Dreams carry more weight and meaning than our conscious thoughts while awake. 70% of your dreams contain secret messages.

* * *

Cecilia had obviously never heard the phrase 'a constant visitor is never welcomed', as that's exactly what Sage felt as though she needed to hear when they ended up at the Love's, again.

This time, however, Anna had claimed to say that she'd invited them over for a 'special' reason. What could it be this time? Maybe an announcement?

It was approximately the second time they ventured there, in that same week. Sage's angst was yet to reduce, although the fact that he may or may not see Xander was obvious. That worked in alleviating his nerves just a little, but overall, merely by knowing that that was where he stayed and resided was enough to set Sage off.

At that moment in time, they were seated in the living room, with the two adults chatting away, something about Christianity and raising children in the faith. Sage's desire to leave was so pressing that he'd contemplated literally begging Cecilia to leave. Of course, that would only result in him getting an embarrassing lecture about manners and whatnot, so he made the desire to just keep himself steady and oblige; like the little boy his mother raised him to be.

Somewhere within five, ten minutes, they'd finally departed for the kitchen, where Anna served four plates of stew chicken mixed with macaroni, while Cecilia and her son helped to set up the silverware and napkin. Sage couldn't stop glancing at the odd plate of the four, feeling confused.

Who was it for? Xavier?

When the food was equally distributed and they'd taken a seat, as though on cue, the kitchen door swung open, and in walked a messy haired, blue-eyed boy, a red head in tow. Once Carter's eyes took in what was happening, he paused. His gaze fell on Sage, and his confusion was doubled. In fact, both of their faces reflected bemusement, but Xander had blanked out his expression within five seconds flat, frowning.

"Oh, fu—" Carter quickly snapped his mouth shut, preventing the deplorable curse word from escaping into the atmosphere. "Hello, Mrs. Love and...?"

Cecilia gave her million-dollar smile. "Tremaine."

"Nice to meet you, miss ... erm ... are you Sage's mother?" Carter asked, pointing between the said persons. Sage was busy sitting there, face turned downwards, chewing on his lips, the tips of his ears turning red. Cecilia's reply was of confirmation, and Carter nodded, his brown eyes twinkling with amusement.

"Now I see where he gets his dazzling looks from." he acknowledged with a nod. Cecilia chuckled. She abruptly turned to her son, nudging him.

"Aren't you going to say hi to your friends, donut?"

There went the humiliating nickname. "Mom!"

"Goodnight." Xander curtly interrupted before Cecilia could respond to her son's shout of protest. He turned to his best friend behind him, cocking his head in the direction to the stairs. "Vamos." he said. Ducking his head, he began walking off to exit the kitchen. Anna, however, clearly had other plans.

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