chapter eighteen ; dancing with our hands tied

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march. 2010

Millie poked at her plate of sphagetti with her silver fork. Finn bit his lip gently and chuckled silently at the girl that was sitting across from him.

"Are you okay?" He asked after swallowing a bite of a breadstick. She shrugged and nodded slightly.

"Yeah, I'm alright. I'm just scared and shit." She responded. Finn was honestly scared out of his mind too, but he wanted to stay strong for Millie. He knew that she needed someone strong to lean on and he wanted to be that someone.

There was a lot to be frightened about. They both knew that if one of Dom's men happened to see Millie, her life would be over. They'd murder her in an instant. Even though Dom said that they would back off, Finn knew that he still wanted to kill her.

All of a sudden a song began to play rather loudly. About a dozen couples rose from their seats and began to dance along to the soft, sweet, romantic music.

Finn bit his tongue to hold back a cheeky smile. "Wanna dance?" He offered the young lady that was sitting across from him.

"Oh I don't really know how." She answered with a small chuckle. She didn't want to make a complete fool out of herself in front of Finn. She was really growing to like him, a lot.

The tall boy smirked and stood up. "It's not hard. I'll teach you."

Millie let out a soft giggle. The brunette girl stood up and took a step toward Finn. She was waiting for his instructions but he was too busy admiring her beauty.

She was wearing a blue dress with black polka dots on it, a brown belt around her waist, and black shoes. She normally hated dressing up fancy, as it made her feel week and vulnerable. However, she actually felt good in formal clothes for once. She felt pretty.

"Okay so you put your arms around my neck and I put my hands on your waist. Then we just sway to the music." He stated. She did as she was told and they began to pace the floor.

Finn smiled as the soft rock song kept playing through the jukebox in the corner. He thought about what his life would be like if he hadn't met Millie. In a way, she gave him meaning. She was able to show him that he was actually good at something. She showed him that he sas worth it.

They'd done a lot of terrible things together and even to eachother. However they still truly cared for one another and they never meant to hurt eachother. Millie felt a deep connection with Finn. It was like nothing she'd ever experienced before.

The chorus of the song was over and Finn had finally made up his mind. He felt like he needed to do it.

He quickly leaned in and sweetly pressed his lips onto Millie's. She was quite shocked at first but then melted into the loving kiss. One of Finn's hands left her waist and he placed it onto her cheek as he slowly but surely pulled away.

"I'm... sorry..." He mumbled as he stared deep into her eyes. She smiled.

"I liked it." The girl whispered.

And with that they nonchalantly walked back to their table. As they continued their meal, neither of them said anything about the kiss.

But the kiss was all they could think about.


"So, exactly how much is a pinch?" Marvin asked Finn in referance to an ingredient in their meth. Finn scoffed at him and rolled his eyes.

"Why do you want to know? You're just a sous-chef and if you haven't noticed, I'm Gordon Ramsay. Stop asking questions." The younger boy retorted.

Marvin had been asking questions about every single step in the recipe and it was making Finn quite suspicious. It was almost as if Marvin was preparing to make the meth by himself, without Finn, and he wanted it to still be perfect. It was very sketchy.

As the two young men continued to finish the batch of crystal meth, Marvin wouldn't stop inquiring about everything. Finn was becoming more and more wary of his lab partner.

After around two more hours they'd finished a long day of work and Marvin told Finn that he was going to head home. Finn still had to stay and clean up the lab but he was glad that he'd be able to do it in peace and quiet.

"Damn it..." The tall boy muttered to himself when he saw that he needed another sponge. He knew that Dom kept the cleaning supplies in his office, so that's where FInn was headed to.

He quietly hummed a happy tune as he made his way to the office. He was still ecstatic from the previous night and the kiss with Millie. She was truly special to him and he honestly was beginning to think that he loved her. He'd never cared that much about a girl before he met Millie. She was extroardinary.

Finn arrived outside Dom's room but completely halted all movement when he heard talking. He put his back to the wall and leaned his head in a bit so that he could hear the voices.

"Are you sure you know his recipe?" Dom said with a sigh. It was a bit hard for Finn to hear exactly what the two men were talking about but he could still tell what they were saying.

Marvin nodded. "I'm positive."

"So we won't need Mister Wolfhard anymore?"


Finn's heart stopped when he heard that sentence. He couldn't believe that he'd been so stupid. It was right in front of his eyes the entire time but he failed to see it.

Dom was simply using Finn to get his recipe for the 'perfect meth'. Finn was essentially a teacher to Marvin. That's why Dom wanted to get rid of Millie and replace her. He never wanted to work with Finn, he simply wanted his recipe for meth.

"Hey! You!" A deep male voice shouted. Finn jolted sideways and looked at the man approaching him. It was Caleb.

"What the hell are you doin'?" He added. The curly haired boy tried to speak but no words were coming out.

Finn let out a shaky breath. "I-... I was just getting a drink from the drinking fountain... I-I-I'm done with my shift and now I'm heading home." He stated while he slowly began to step away from the man.

Caleb smirked and let out a silent chuckle. His face had an evil look plastered onto it. He simply crossed his arms and said nothing.

As he quickly made his way to the exit, Finn knew he was in a hell of a lot of trouble.

* * * *

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