Chapter One

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This is no ordinary fairytale; in fact it is not a fairytale at all. There are characters in books and TV shows for children and paintings and so much more. What if all those things came and joined into one giant world and you were in that world. Yes I am talking about mother earth, how will you ever know that you have met a character in your so called fiction books. Well this is a story where every character in every book you ever read and all the cartoon characters from cartoon shows and people and animals in paintings come out of your books, TV shows, and paintings and join one world where you wouldn’t suspect anything like this to happen especially since all the humans look like regular humans and all the animals look like regular animals.

Well, I am here to explain one specific story to you, about a girl named Elise. One bright, sunny day Elise was walking along the lake just outside of her protective mother’s vision. She had her arms were flung out to the side for balance, her forehead was creased in concentration, and her feet slowly made their way along the stone fence that protected people—like her—from falling in. Just as she was about to reach the end of the sturdy part of the fence, something reached its arms around her and snatched her up. Surprised and frightened out of her mind, Elise opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out.

She was dragged into the woods that were about 30ft away from the lake. When they got deep enough in the woods so no one could see them the mysterious person let go of her, to her surprise. She tried to run but when she started to the person grabbed her arm and pulled her back harshly. She turned around and saw to her surprise that it was her favourite character in The Vampire Diaries, and that character’s name was Damon. Damon Salvatore. Instead of screaming, ‘What do you want with me!?’ she looked at Damon with a puzzled expression on her face. “It can’t be.” She muttered. “He can’t be Damon, that is impossible.” She continued but this time a little too loud.

“But I am. Hey! How do you know what my name is if I don t even know you?” Damon said interrupting Elise’s thoughts.

“If you don’t know me, then why did you kidnap me?” Elise snaps back, nervously trying to hide her fear. If the books were right, then she knew Damon was one to be taken seriously. Instead of answering her, Damon just leans back, crosses his arms, and studies her. Elise blushes a pale pink and looks him up and down, too. He's wearing a plain black tee, black jeans that fit just right, and black shoes. Elise couldn’t help but to think, “Why in the world would this man wear so much black?” No sooner had she thought it she did a mental face palm. “Oh course, idiot! He's a freaking vampire!”

As if he heard her silent exclamation, Damon let out a small chuckle and flashed a 1000 kilowatt smile. “W-well?” Elise asked a little more uncertain this time.

“What.” Damon answered casually….ish.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT?!?!?! YOU’RE THE ONE WHO KIDNAPPED ME!!!” Elise shouted, a bit louder than she intended.

“Jeesh what is your problem..?” Damon asked like he and Elise were friends and he told a joke and she took it offensively.

Instead of blowing up at Damon again, Elise closed her eyes, clenched her fists, and breathed deeply to calm herself. After a few seconds, she felt calm again, so she opened her eyes to a smirking Damon. “Why. Did. You. Take. Me. Here?” Elise said as calmly as possible

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