22. You my lady should know better.

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"My Lady." Lawrence smiled blinking to her. He stopped right in front of her then he took her hands to his lips and kissed it maintaining eyes contact with her. Stella blushed a little but quickly covered it up with a frown. He always made her feel light.

"I fear today is not for pleasantries my love." Stella replied solemnly. The cabin had a huge bed in the centre, a table, a chair at the end and a classy wine cellar which served as a fridge used to store blood. The walls were made of stone and the cold marble pressed on Stella's back.

"Why is that so my Lady? What troubles you?Lawrence asked blinking back to his sit then to his cellar. He poured himself a cup of blood. "Do you need? You should have some for your taste." He asked raising the wine glass to her. She shook her head taking of her cape completely then she perched on the bed watching him sip his wine with grace "You really don't care to have some."

"I fear I don't. Not when my heart is troubled." She sighed. "There is a very pressings issue at hand and I've lost appetite to feed."

"You haven't stated what's worrying you." Lawrence said blinking to her. He was now besides her on the bed a smile on his lips. "What is it you desire of me now." Lawrence drawled. He placed one of his hands on her thighs and looked up at her.

"I hear the king has found his soul mate. A mortal."

"And__" Lawrence probed acting oblivious. He knew what Stella wanted. He knew her like he knew himself. But he wanted her to speak, he wanted to make it her call. After all what troubled her troubled him.

"A mortal cannot rule." Stella said as if it was the most obvious thing, then she turned around to face him. "I don't know how long she shall remain a mortal. The prophecy said she would be the greatest warlock And that she will achieve her true powers only after she has been bound to the king."

"I know the prophecy by heart, for years that was all the king could speak of. The prophecy spoke of a witch and not a mere human so why worry your poor head my Lady. I've seen the mortal. She's nothing." Lawrence scoffed. He blinked to pour himself a glass of blood and then blinked back to sit beside Stella.

"We have to eliminate her. We can not condone future threats. Humans are deceitful." Stella shouted pissed. She hated that he wasn't taking her serious. She wanted him to be just as angry about this whole thing as she was.

Lawrence glared at her shaking his head in anger. Stella was used to having an outburst like this when she didn't get her way but he hasn't even refused her request yet so he didn't understand why she was shouting. He didn't like to be disrespected, she had to remember that he was elder Lawrence, him being her lover did not give her the audacity to disrespect him.

"Listen to me." Lawrence said trying to calm her down but she sure has hell was not going to calm Down. She gaped at him pointing at him in anger.

"No you listen to me." She bellowed. She blinked to him and slapped him across his face so he flew to the wall denting it. He wasn't affected however. He stood straight immediately, dusting his shirt he sighed in frustration. He was going to allow her let it all out since she was obviously not thinking straight. He knew how it hurt to feel all your plans go down the drain, he understood her frustration and was going to let her take it out on him if it would make her feel better.

"Calm down." He muttered, trying to soothe her.

"We are already In to each other neck deep. I know things about you that you don't want the king to know and you know things about me that I don't need the king to know. But should the mortal win then there will be no need for my secrets to be Kept seeing that I would have lost all my cards but you___ you will still have cards to play, cards that I could burn with my pretty little lips." She smirked locking eyes with him. She did not blink neither did he, he was vexed. He did not like to be threatened which was exactly what she was doing.

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