22. You my lady should know better.

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Stella loved her daughter like every other mother loved her child and she supported her in every situation even her excesses. Clara was all she had and has had for centuries. When she saw her in that village she knew right away that she was hers for the keeping. She was just like her, smart, powerful and ambitious. She wanted power just as much as her mother and they soon started to get along.

While Clara struggled to reach the top Stella wanted to remain at the top and possibly to go higher. She wanted to secretly call the shots and the best way to do that was if her daughter was made the Queen which was what she trained Clara for all these years. To be Queen.

You see the vampire kingdom was different from any other it did not condone weaknesses. The mate of an alpha can be weak it didn't matter, a warlords wife could also be weak they wouldn't care for it much but the vampires being the strongest supernatural dealt with strength and power without these you could not rule. The mortal couldn't stand a chance everyone In the kingdom already knew that Clara was the only one fit to be queen, the only one. And this is thanks to her training.

If all went as planned and Clara is made the queen Stella would no longer need the elders to influence the king. She will have undisputed power. She would finally be looked upon as the Queen mother. The very plus of this all was that She will no longer need to trade her body for power.

She wanted it all and as such would not let her daughter loose the throne to a mortal. Even if Clara didn't ask her to get rid of the mortal she would have done it still. She would have ended the mortal either way. Only her daughter was fit to rule.

After she was able to calm her daughter down she knew exactly what was expected of her and who could help her do what was expected of her.

So she set out to meet one of the elders. She gracefully yet sneakingly going to elder Lawrence's home for help. She could not afford to be seen by anyone even if Lawrence wasn't married like some of the elders. If People saw her with him they would start to suspect and probe and she could not afford that. She could not let anyone cut the strings she had on the kingdom and the king.

Elder Lawrence had kept for them both a secret cabin close to his home where they met when the die was cast. He had been her lover for a long long time. She had used him when she wanted to cover up her tracks of Mass murder and she had been using him since but he didn't mind. He had a soft sport for her besides he knew that one day he would collect.

He was the spokesman of the elders and most times if not all the time what he didn't want said wasn't and what he wants said was because even among the elders they feared him though they won't admit to it, he didn't need them to though. He damn well knew.

Lucius did not condone massacre's not that he was against vampires having their fun. He was just against them losing control when they were having it. You just could not kill so many people at once especially not little children. That was one of the things he and Lucius agreed on without compromise. The day he found out Clara did this is a fit of rage he knew that if he told the king he would have had her removed as council member. Even he himself was going to do it.

And the worst part was that she wasn't at all sorry for the massacre. To her humans were worthless creatures only meant to be fed on. But she would have been sorry if she was kicked out of the council and he wanted that. The council was made up of 21 of the most powerful vampires. After the elders the council was next In line as influencers to the king. If she had lost that she might as well say goodbye to being near to the king ever. She was lucky though, she had her mother.

"Welcome." Lawrence smiled immediately he heard Stella's footsteps outside the shade. She pushed open the door gently slipping in her breath caught up in the wind. When she entered the room she took off her hood her eyes locking in his. She smiled watching him stare at her like he did anytime they met.

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