21. Leave it to me.

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"I cannot believe what he did to me all because of that human mother!" Clara growled. She was in her own mansion now and had been pacing since she arrived. She was furious, upset, enraged, angry. Healed but still in pain. Her heart hurt bad.

"My lady will you like your bath prepared." Her Maid asked immediately she stepped into the room. She was so scared she did not want to spend one more second in the room not when Clara was that angry.

Clara was ruthless when happy then how much more when angry. All her servants threaded on a very thin line with her for the fear that she could so easily end them and face no repercussions.

"If you do not want the bath prepared with your blood you will get out of here now." Clara growled. She didn't have to repeat it, The Maid by name Mariana had already disappeared lucky to have been able to leave alive.

"Relax Clara. I do not see why you are getting all worked up." Stella told her daughter. She was getting dizzy as a result of Clara's pacing. Her legs were crossed and her arms rested on her crossed legs a diamond ring on it. Stella was a thick woman and as beautiful as the word beauty. Clara got her brown hair from her.

"Mother can you please listen to yourself, you see no reason why I should be worried! Have you have been listening to all I have been saying or have I been talking to myself?"

"No you have not but still calm down everything is under control you know that." Stella said quite calmly and persuasively but Clara would not hear of it. Nothing was under control nothing, nothing at all Not only did Lucio for the first time lay a hand on her he tried to kill her and if that wasn't enough. He kissed that human girl. A kiss she had craved and worked for centuries.

"I cannot calm down mother not when the king is at the dining now with a filthy mortal. He brought in a human mum. Someone he claims saved his life. The word has spread it's on every ones lips. I have been insulted, threatened and abused all because of that stupid human." She paused and growled. "The king has found his soulmate. She is to to be Queen the prophecy has been fulfilled. I'm about to loose my shits and go into a rampage. God help anyone who so much as knocks on the wrong door today!" Clara screamed pulling at her hair.

"You need to calm down Clara you are throwing the whole house into a tension. The people you have here have not rebelled against you because they fear you. They fear your strength and calmness in the midst of woes. They see you as invisible that Nothing can go through you. You must not show them that you are weak that you can be broken. Don't let that human get to you." Stella advised. "You must remain calm my child." She was getting really impatient with Clara and her tantrums, but she was her daughter so as much as she wanted to leave and end the terror on her ears she still couldn't.

She stood up and walked up to her daughter. Then placed her hands reassuringly on her shoulders. "She's only human. She can easily be dealt with. This is not even a war. Worry about the warlords and leave the mortal to me."

Clara breathed in deeply calming her nerves down. Her mum was right she just had to remain calm if she continued in this state then she was not going to be able to think properly. There was nothing like a calm mind in the face of tribulations she herself knew that but the human roaming about as the kings mate just got her on an edge.

Calmer now she sat Down on her bed although she was still enraged. "She might be only human but she is his soul mate."

"Not yet fully." Her mother corrected.

"What do you mean not yet fully! Lucius tried to kill me because of her! The Lucius I know protected me and loved me. But you should see the way he looked at her when he saw her, he was transfixed. King Lucius ruler of the vampire kingdom lost control of himself because of a woman." Clara laughed bitterly. "And that woman wasn't me, it just wasn't. It was her, the damn clueless human! Her weakness disgusts me and I'm sure it will disgust every other vampire. Lucius just has to come to terms with the fact that this, this kingdom here is no place for the weak not to mention the throne. He's making a grave mistake and I must show him that."

"It's not in your place Clara. You are a not an elder. Telling him that would be overstepping your boundary and you just might end up infuriating him the more. It's best that this be dealt with diplomatically, if not, he might just lose every love and respect he has for you. If that happens it doesn't matter if you succeed in eliminating the human, he will never be yours." Stella spoke softly hoping her daughter would reason instead of feel. "The truth is right now the enemy of his soul mate is also his enemy. Do you want to be his enemy?"

"Then what so you suggest mother."

"She is his mate I agree with you but she is not yet his soul. They have not made love yet, hopefully. She becomes his soul and gains her true powers after they make love. That's what the prophecy says my child. Unless he mates her tonight which I hope he won't. This night can't be his night of sin."

"Let the prophecy be damned!" Clara fumed jumping up from her bed.

"That's not the issues here. This is the prophesy."

Clara shoved her fist into the wall breaking it and destroying a priced painting. "I could see it in his eyes how he adored her. He practically worshipped her."

"Calm down Clara!" Stella yelled, she stood up too.

She was angry with her daughter now but she still threaded with caution. Everyone knew that when Clara was enraged she becomes viciousness in person. She had wiped out a whole town once when she thought Lucius was dead. She barely ever reasons when angry and only comes to regret her actions after she was calm.

Lucius had gone to a battle without informing anyone. It was a battle with the a coven up north ocean city. He didn't tell anyone about the battle because he didn't want to risk anyone besides he was so angry with the particular coven he took it upon himself to end them.

The coven had enraged Lucius beyond control by ordering the killing and execution of over 100 vampires. That war Lucius decided he was not going to miss. There were 2 things Lucius hated so much 1. People crossing their boundaries. 2. People crossing their boundaries.

Lucius was rumored dead when he was found missing and though Clara knew it was impossible as she still felt his life force clearly proving he was not dead. She still went on a rage killing a whole town of warlocks in cold blood without reason. The town caused no trouble to the vampire's and the witches there were weak. She preyed on their weakness something Lucius would not have accepted. Something her herself didn't quite appreciate.

"We need to end her mother. Only when that mortal is dead can I be calm not before then." Clara said turning to face her mother. "Mother please you have to help me end her. Please."

Her mother understood what she meant and nodded. She hugged her daughter and stroked her hair lovingly. "She will be gone soon baby, I promise. You just wait and see.

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