20. Listen to my voice.

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Standing Here and shouting will definitely not stop him Monica.

She ran to him. "Stop please!" She begged stretching out her hands to stop him. But Lucius did not stop Instead he pushed her to the side so she fell behind him. He pushed her gently. Even in rage he could not afford to hurt her.

"You should never disobey me." He roared raising his hands up. He concocted fire out from his hand and Clara gasped. She wanted to plead but her voice was lost. She closed her eyes accepting her death but it didn't come.

Monica did not know what drove her to do what she did but she saw herself hugging Lucius from behind. Her eyes where closed while her breathe totally stopped and then started with full force. Her heart was hammering her ribs. The thump thump sound of her heart beating was music to Lucius. It calmed him down. He finally dropped his hands down to the relief of Clara.

He tried to listen closer to the heartbeat of his mate who was just behind him. "Its OK." Monica said involuntarily rubbing his chest. Lucius turned around and kissed her. At first she didn't respond because she was shocked but after a few seconds she started to. Kiss him back. Her hands held his as their lips moved in sync.

Someone walked in just then and cleared his throat. It was Lawrence and he had been at a distance watching everything that had happened.

"My Lord." He said with a smile while Lucius looked at him annoyed because he interrupted his kiss. Monica's bent her head down getting shy. She felt awful to have been caught kissing her captor. But he was so good looking and his lips so soft she couldn't resist him for long. You can not blame her for kissing him. It was so hard for her to control herself considering how she felt drawn to him.

She sighed frustrated then she walked to her seat far at the end of the dining table with a ghost of a smile on her face.

"Yes Lawrence." Lucius answered. Lawrence was putting on a black robe a huge contrast to his pale skin. Monica wondered if he was a monk cause he dressed and looked like one. "Take a seat." Lucius offered trying not to be petty by making him stand.

Lawrence took a seat beside Lucius. While Monica had finally reached the far end of the dining table where she was asked to sit. She and Lucius sat opposite each other in a dining table that was so long it had over forty chairs. It took Monica more that three minutes to walk to the other end of the dining.

The room echoed as it was empty but she couldn't hear what Lawrence said to Lucius. She really wanted to but she couldn't no matter how much she tried. Soon she stopped trying deciding to focus on the delicacies before her. The people she saw could not poison her, they had better ways of ending her life. And If they were going to kill her she might as just eat to her fill first. She couldn't believe what was happening to her but the more time past the more it became obvious that she was not dreaming.

They were so far apart and Lucius wanted it that way. He didn't want to drag Monica into this kind of life yet. He didn't want her to hear what he would say to Lawrence although he also did not want to keep anything a secret from her. He wanted to tell her everything and anything. He felt that strongly about her but he just had to be patient. If it be possible he wanted to keep her away from all the harm that came with being his soulmate and as safe as possible. He didn't want her to suffer not even to loose a strand of hair as long as he was alive and king.

He was torn between the selflessness in love or the selfishness.

"I honestly wonder Lawrence why you chose now of all times to make your presence known?" Lucius asked still irritated. He wished he wasn't interrupted. He wanted to taste her lips more and more.

"Even a fool will not interrupt you when you are in a rage My lord." Lawrence answered smiling mischievously." As for Lady Clara I can't say she deserves what she got but it is good you put her in her place. With this war the people are beginning to rebel. We need to put all of them in their places. It's good that they love you but also better that they also fear you. "

"I would prefer respect."

"As you chose, my Lord."

"But you do not agree with my choice of lover. Why is that Lawrence? And don't deny it, it's written all over you. Why?" Lucius asked resting his back on the chair. He could see Monica clearly but she couldn't see him. He wanted the discussion over so he could be with her again. He longed for her. But there were matters arising and as king he did not have the luxury of being impulsive.

"She is a mortal. Human. She's weak. She cannot be Queen most especially not now that the kingdom is In chaos. We need a fearless, ruthless Queen one that the people will respect and fear. One that can be at your side in times of war."

Lawrence spoke softly knowing he was threading on a thin line. He wanted to be honest but respectfully honest. After what he had seen done to Clara he knew he just had to be careful. This woman may be weak but the king is strong and he was already smitten. If the prophecy was true and the prophecy fulfilled then the girl right before him was his Kings soul, he would die for her.

"The prophecy said, after we mate she shall get her full power and come to terms with her true form. The warlords are upon us already. We have to have faith in the priestess." Lucius reminded the elder seated with him.

"But the prophecy said, she will be a warlock not a human." Lawrence objected. "The prophecy isn't always right my Lord. I know that you are grateful to her for saving your life but that's about it. Maybe you are just thankful and then mistaking it as love. Humans don't belong here."

"I know what I feel and the difference in my emotions Lawrence. Do not insult me!. I've lived long enough to tell the differences between each feeling."

"I'm sorry my Lord but you asked for my opinion and it's my duty as an elder to give it truthfully."

"When has the prophecy been wrong Lawrence. You do not speak to me with only assumptions. Assumptions has no place before the king. You must speak with facts. So now tell me has any of the prophecy ever been wrong?or now you presume its wrong because it doesn't suit your definition of write. Aren't you biased?"

"The prophecy said, Victor shall be with you when you take down the warlocks, but it is obvious that he will not." Lawrence thwarted. The king almost always listened to him. Lawrence hoped that he would again listen to him this time. A human Queen would only weaken the kingdom.

Lucius laughed a silent laugh. "Nothing in the prophecy has been proven wrong yet Lawrence." Lawrence sighed resignedly knowing that Lucius was right, as always. He could see that the king was determined to be with His soul mate; years and years of loneliness must have made him weak when it came to her.

"When do we start questioning Victor? I suggest this night." Lawrence asked as he stood up. He folded his hands underneath his robe. "The people must see that we are in control "

"Let's make it tomorrow Lawrence. Goodnight. I've had a very hectic day." Lucius spoke dismissing him with his hands. Lawrence Bowed and left.

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