19. Control yourself she's mine.

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"Who are you?" Monica asked. She seemed to be asking that question a lot lately. Her heart threatened to burst out of her chest as she stared at this new woman. She could smell that she was trouble. She didn't look nice like the others.

"I should be asking you that." Clara snapped. She took a hold of Monica's wrist and pressed it. "For your good you should leave. I tell you this is no place for humans."

"Do you think I want to be here. I was brought in here by that man." She snapped looking up at Lucius. "Take me to recognizable ground and I'll leave." She was tired of people looking at her or telling her that she didn't belong here when she already knew that.

She wanted to leave but they were not letting her do that. He was not letting her leave and from what she could see they all answered to him.

So tell me how the hell was she supposed to escape a man who got stabbed by a dagger and now looks like he was never even pinched. These people were getting on her last nerves, they wanted to drive her mad or maybe she was already mad.

"Clara that's enough." Lucius bellowed. He was very angry and if Clara wasn't who she was he would have killed her on the spot. "How dare you?"

He would not tolerate anyone threatening Monica or causing her pain. Clara had no right! no right at all! but there she was overstepping her boundaries again and again but this time he wasn't sure he could bear it.

Clara heard the anger in his voice and quickly withdrew. "She's unbelievably naive and Innocent. You would get bored." Clara hissed. "Disgusting humans, we should Feed on her."

Monica gasped. Whoever the woman is standing before her she decided then and there that she was her least favourite person ever. She won't be food for some crazy people.

"I don't know what you mean by naive but I'm not." Monica mumbled under her breath holding her wrist, but Lucius as well as Clara heard her. Being sharp mouthed would get her into more trouble she thought. It was best that she let's the king handle his people. She was grateful for Lucius saving her ass but that didn't mean she would say thank you to him after all he brought her here needless to say against her wish.

"She can't even speak for herself." Clara stated. Alright you I can speak for myself. Monica wanted to say out loud but she was too afraid. Suddenly in a speed that made Monica scared she appeared right In front of Lucius. " She cannot be your Queen. This kingdom needs me as it's Queen forget about the prophecy " Clara begged. "You know I'm the only one fit enough to be queen not this_"

"What prophecy?" Monica asked innocently but still it got to Clara's nerves. She appeared in front of her, her hands on her neck ready strangling her.

"Let me go." Monica choked struggling to breathe. Clara's hand on her neck was so firm she couldn't move an inch. Soon she was lifted off the ground by that hand.

"Shut the fuck up." She screamed looking up at Monica. Lucius seethed. He couldn't control his anger anymore since Clara was not ready to listen to reason then she would listen to violence. He blinked to her and pushed her away from Monica. She hit the wall with a terrible force. The wall broke from the shear force of both powers.

"Control yourself!" Lucius screamed at her.

"No I won't. I've been here with you for centuries and I'll not let some mortal slut take you away from me. I'll kill her." Clara screamed back looking at Monica with rage. Her eyes turned red.

Monica was on the ground now gasping for air. It felt like her lungs had been taken out.

Lucius eyes turned red when she threatened to kill Monica. He had never felt such anger in his life before not even when he had almost been killed by Victor. The anger came with pain and rage. Hurt him, but not her!

He pulled Clara up with his right hand his hand tight on her neck. "Stop." Clara gasped pleading for air as she choked. "Lucius."

But Lucius did not listen to her plea, he was deafened by rage. He threw her on the floor with so much force her spinal cord broke and healed. Scared she tried to crawl away but he held her back with his mind.

His fist clenched and unclenched to reveal sharp claws. He looked like the devil himself.

Clara was still gasping for air but seeing Lucius in a kill state alerted her. Her eyes widened in fear and shock. She tried to stand but he stopped her with his mind turning her to face him. She had healed but she was weak.

"You should have stopped when I asked you to!" He said calmly. Clara shook her head.

Monica stood watching all that was going on with so many feelings, fear, anger and mostly confusion. She felt like she was only dreaming. She asked herself again and again if she was in a trance, if she had fallen asleep in the forest. She snapped out of her doubts when she saw Lucius walking towards Clara with his eyes red and his fangs out.

She looked at Clara and Clara looked back at  her with a pleading yet hateful look. She sighed. She just recovered from being choked and there she was contemplating if it was better to save her enemy of to let her die.

Her mind told her to let Lucius kill her so she could be free from one more threat but her heart told her otherwise. She chose to follow her heart even when she knew she was sure to regret it. The reasonable thing to do was to save Clara. She could tell that she loved the king and in this moment of war, that was what the king needed. Vampires who love him and who would never betray him.

"Stop it." She shouted. But Lucius did not stop.

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