18. Be mine Lucius

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"Who is she?" Clara asked immediately Lucius stepped into the study room. She was standing by the door with her hands folded.

Lucius sighed as he walked passed her to take his seat.. He was so not in the mood for one of her Tantrums but this was Clara she always tried to impose herself on him either ways. He took his seat at the far end of the library awaiting the end of her questions.

"Lucio answer me now!" Clara fumed.

"I owe you no explanation Clara." Lucius sighed. "How was the mission did you succeed in eliminating the coven?" He asked Ignoring the angry look Clara was giving him. He rested his head on the head rest and closed his eyes then he took in deep breathes in an attempt to clear his mind.

"Yes I did." Clara replied harshly. She breathed in and out in a successful attempt to calm her nerves down so she could act rational. When she felt calmer she walked further into the office and perched herself on the desk. She was dressed like a mistress. All black. A black pant and shirt with a black boot and a chain around her waist.

"You should relax, We both should seeing we both had a rough day. What do you say about that? Can I at least have this night with you?" She asked bending down to kiss him but Lucius turned side ways so that her lips touched his cheek instead.

"The prophecy has been fulfilled Clara." Lucius said taken her aback. She stood up immediately not wanting to acknowledge what she just heard.

"What prophesy?" She asked fuming.

"One day the vampire king will be saved by the blood of his mate. His one true love and they shall___

" I know the prophecy" Clara snapped. "But how can it be fulfilled when we all know that the dagger of the sun does not exist. You cannot be killed."

"I can be made extinct and the dagger of the sun exists, I was stabbed with it by Victor. I was already feeling myself transcend before she came to me. Her scent woke me up and her blood healed me." Lucius smiled dreamily remembering how he held unto her legs. How beautiful she was when he opened his eyes to see her. Remembering the softness of her lips and her seductive voice.

"She is human Lucius. We all agreed that the prophecy be damned! We have agreed on that. Why bring it up now. Why let that thing fool you. For all we know she could have been sent by the warlock. She isn't who you think. This must be the handiwork of Jessica."

She was few inches away from Lucius trying to plead to his sense of reasoning. There was no way that that human was who Lucius said she was, no way.

"The way I felt when I touched her, when I kissed her, when I heard her voice, I have never felt like that before. It was like a fire was ignited in me. I felt warm, alive. Clara the prophecy is true not that it is any business of yours but I just need you to know."

"But I love you. I've been with you. You and I we are meant to fight this war together and to win at each others side." She looked into his eyes and tried to reason with him but she could already see it. She had lost him. She took his hands in hers so she could plead further but just then Sarah knocked

"Come in." Lucius ordered eager to see Monica. His thoughts were of her and it was imposing a great restraint to his thinking.

"Good day Clara. My Lord the human__ she's now at the dining." Sarah informed not sparing Clara a glance. Clara had threatened her earlier and she was still pissed. She knew that Clara always loved to overstep her boundaries but with her she knew she couldn't dare.

If something were to happen to her Lucius would see to it himself that Clara's reign ends, she knows that so all her threats were mere bluffing. She wondered why she tried to threaten her even, she might think herself the smartest but Sarah was no fool.

Lucius followed her behind in a blink. He stood at the step watching Monica as she sat still on her chair finding it difficult to process anything that was going on. She looked scared and troubled as she sat looking around the room.

He could tell that she was afraid of the things she saw. He could smell it. He could smell her fear, Who wouldn't? He knew it was best that he takes her back to the world she knew and loved but he couldn't. He could not possibly send his soulmate back not when he had just found her. Not when he searched for centuries for her.

He was so transfixed by her that he did not notice when Clara passed him on the stairs, to meet Monica in a blink.

"So this is the mate." She smirked. "I expected something better or someone rather but I've been greatly disappointed." she mocked.

She was standing in front of Monica who stood up just when she saw her. How did she do that. Monica kept thinking. One second Clara was up the stairs and in the next she was behind Lucius and now she' was standing there in front of her.

It was just like in the movies, super speed. It was then she realized that they weren't exactly faking it. That they were vampires and the rumours were true.

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