17. You can't leave.

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When the war began with the witches some of Lucius men became traitors after they heard of the powers they would have should they be beaten by the wolves who were now in the control of Jessica.

They wanted to be hybrids. But they didn't know the whole truth and he wouldn't tell them. It was not in his place to help traitors.

Monica held the blanket up her chest as she watched Lucius leave. Immediately he left she jumped up from the bed. She had to find a way out and fast. She just couldn't stay no matter how badly she was drawn to this man.

Her shirt looked messy and worn out and the skirt she wore was no better. It had suddenly become shorter than a mini. "Oh my God please help me get out of here and I promise to be a normal 21 years old adult and not to wonder in the forest at night anymore. I promise to believe in all the rumors I hear and to go to church everyday" Monica prayed silently.

She looked around the massive bedchamber looking for an escape route. The bedchamber looked like those kinds she saw only on TV's, classic with a touch of mystery.

When she saw that she could not open the windows she almost ended up crying but then she remembered that Lucius did not lock the door. She quickly rushed to it but she was not as fast.

"Where are you going?" Charlotte asked staring at the stunned looking human in front of her. She isn't that bad she is actually pretty Charlotte thought as she came into the room locking the door behind her.

"No where." Monica answered getting a hold of her raging heart. The girl in front of her was so tall she was over 5'11 and her eyes were a deep black coupled with her dark eye-shadow making her look goth.

What have I gotten myself into and who are these creeps Monica thought as she watched Charlotte come in. Her heart started beating faster.



Would she suck from me too? Am I food to them?

Charlotte was aware that Monica was watching her with intent and fear but she however decided to ignore her, do her duty and leave. After all she had no business with the human, she was probably just food for the king.

Deep down Charlotte knew otherwise. She knew that Lucius was drawn to this human. He never brought any home.

She dropped the clothe she had brought for her on the bed and also the ointment.

"You should be fast, dinner is ready." She said. The vampires could make a feast in one minute. They were that fast. "That door over there will lead you to the bathroom."

Monica watched her in bewilderment as she spoke. "Wait who the fuck are you people!"

"The people you Don't want to mess with. Just do as I have told you and you won't have a problem." Charlotte replied folding her arms. The human amused her with her questioning wide eyes and sweet vulnerability.

"Oh please my life is already fucked up and the last thing I was wishing for is to be brought to a freak show!" Monica giggled to the annoyance of Charlotte. "What are you guys operating some kind of cult for the stupid and jobless?"

"Hahaha you must think you are hilarious. Would you still think that if I break your neck?" Charlotte threatened menacingly she moved closer to Monica in a threatening manner. Her canines coming out. "Or maybe___

" I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I get it. No more jokes. Jesus! You have no sense of humor. " Monica stammered moving backwards till she was backed against the bed.

"Now be a good girl and do what I tell you." Charlotte mumbled sweetly. She brushed a strand of hair away from Monica's face and pecked her.

"Oh my God I'm dead they are crazy." Monica cried immediately Charlotte left the room. "Ok Lord let's not fight again. You win I don't want to die now, please." Monica whined. She looked down at the dress and then looked up again her heart racing.

She couldn't believe that she was going to be made to dress up for her kidnapper but it didn't seem like she had much of a choice.

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