16. She's back

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Clara having been sent for a mission of high importance as the kings lead assassin just returned. She was of great importance to the king and of a greater importance for the matters of war at hand.

She just returned from her mission with a smile on her face as always and a success story to tell. The smile was evil, daring, lovely and all things Clara.

Clara a petite woman of about 5'6 inches. Her hair was so Brown it was almost gold and her lips were a dazzling red. Like all the other vampire she is as white as snow.

She walked into the palace gracefully after succeeding in her mission for the umpteenth time.

Clara never failed that was why Lucius relied so much on her. She wasn't just vicious but she was smart also. A bad combination for a leader but a good combination for an executioner.

No one has doubted what she could do for a very long time. Even the warlocks cowered when they heard her name. She was good and everyone knew that and feared her.

It was a known fact in the kingdom that it was so much better to be her friend because her enemies do not live long. So even when she was not your favourite person it was still best that your distaste for her is kept at the innermost part of your heart.

Stepping into the palace that could only be likened to a dynasty. She was all smiles with the expectation that Lucius would welcome her with open arms like he always did.

Imagine her disappointment when she did not see him in his throne room. She began to panic. She ran outside in a dash in search of a guard or someone who could tell her what the freaking hell was going on.

"Where is Lucio?" She asked the head guard stopping in her tracks. She had to greet him better, he was an acquittance. Adolphus hugged her. "Welcome. I take it that you have good news for us as always."

"When have I ever failed." She replied pulling away from the embrace. He held her hands and led her to the garden.

"Victor is a traitor. He planned with the wolves to kill Lucius. Lucius just had him arrested." Adolphus whispered immediately they entered the garden.

Clara looked at him surprised but masked it immediately. She didn't like showing emotions. " Where is Lucius?" She asked again, maintaining a straight face and an indifferent demeanor. She would worry about Victor later.

"He's in his bedchamber"

Clara did not wait behind to hear anymore. She didn't wait to be told of the new guest. Her bad.

Adolphus watched as she disappeared into the palace. He had been in love with her for a very long time but he knew her heart was with Lucius.

Clara was shocked with what she saw in Lucius's bedchamber. Not only was he with another woman. The damn woman was in his arms. "Lucio!" She called.

When Lucius heard this he turned back knowing already who it was. Only Clara called him Lucio. And only Clara would come into his bed chamber without knocking. He had to put her in her place before she starts becoming a wild horse. Lead assassin or not she must learn to behave like a subject.

"Clara go to the study and wait for me there." He said to her through his mind link. His words had no room for question only obedience.

He was connected to all the vampires in the kingdom having been the original vampire, and could speak to anyone of them with his mind link.

Clara nodded. She was about to walk out when he called her again through his mind link.

"And never you ever walk into my chambers without knocking. I will not take it so lightly with you should this repeat itself. Clear?" He said locking angry eyes to her startled ones. She nodded again and walked out vowing to find out who the girl on Lucius bed was.

She could tell she was human from the color of her skin and her blood. Was she the next feed? But Lucius never brought any human home. She needed to see Sarah and that damn woman better have the answers to her questions.

How dare Lucio speak to her in that manner.

"You need to take your bath. I will have someone bring a clothe to you." Lucius whispered in Monica's ears, turning back to face her. A shiver ran down her spine when he spoke making her feel cold from within. When he stood up she realised the cold was actually emanating from his body, the body of the strange man who held her close. The man who didn't look anything human.

She took a strand of hair back and licked her lips, an involuntary action alright but it still turned Lucius on. He remembered how those lips tasted. "Who are you?"

"Lucius." He breathed out. For the fear of her asking anymore Questions he left the room all the while wishing he didn't have to. He couldn't wait to finally open up to her about everything.

"Charlotte get her some clothes and ointment." He beckoned on Charlotte through his Mind Link. Charlotte was the daughter of Sarah. They were among the very few vampires Lucius trusted fully.

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