13. Tell me what you've done

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Aiko walked into her mothers room with long precise strides.

She was wearing a cape with a hood over her head. Her red hair was tied tightly to the back and her Lips were covered beautifully with red lipstick.

She was small and white, like a fairy tale princess, a doll with a beautiful oval face.

They called her the Japanese witch. Her mother was the werewolf priestess, a powerful sorceress.

If there was anything known to the werewolf community it was that people didn't see the priestess until something was really wrong and not even her Daughter was left to this belief. Her Aiko was so busy serving the alpha she often forgot to visit her own mum.

Aiko invaded the lights as she walked up yo her mothers room. She didn't want anyone to see her and assume that something was wrong, which it was. But the pack already had enough to deal with and the last thing she wanted to add to the list was a scare.

She looked left and right before climbing up the final stairs which led to her mothers chambers in the other side of the pack house far away from everybody else. She knocked twice on the door not wanting to catch her mother of guard.

If there was anything her mother Kim hated it was to being caught of guard. It could lead to the persons death matter of fact. She didn't want to die yet.

The door opened after several seconds of silence. A shuffling sound sent her right into her mothers suspicious glare.

"Aiko." Kim breathed out staring at her Daughter with wide eyes. She let her in shutting the door behind her. "What are you doing here."

"Can't I come to see my mother." Aiko replied defensively.

"You know what I mean so don't play dumb with me. What is wrong?" Her mother asked. Aiko's silence was getting her mother really worried. She was scared that the witches had come for them.

Aiko sighed sitting down on the kings size bed her mother had decorated with red and and white. Kim drew a sit away from her reading desk and sat down in front of her Daughter.

"What did you do Aiko? Tell me what you've come for. Is the alpha ok? Has she caught up with us__"

Aiko started sobbing softly. Kim caressed her hands not knowing what else to do to calm her crying daughter. She looked petrified and it was unlike her.

"You can talk to me you know that I'll always help you my child. Tell me, does this have anything to do with the alpha finding his mate."

"I don't understand him mother. I feel guilty for telling him about his mate when you warned me not to. I should have listened to you. I should not have told him_"

"What did he do?" Kim sighed resting her back on the chair, she was already feeling frustrated. Had her Daughter not been so upset she would sure have scolded her. She always did this, made decisions she specifically warned her against. It was one thing to defy her orders and another to ignore her warnings. And later she still comes back to her to urge her to fix mistake that could have been avoided had she just listened to her advice.

Aiko grunted wiping her cheeks with the back of her palm. "He threw her into a cell."

"He did what!" Kim exclaimed, letting go of her daughters hand. She became furious. "I told you that the alpha wasn't ready to meet his mate but you chose to go behind me now look what you've caused this would only drive him to the edge I've tried so much to push him away from!"

"I'm sorry mother. I love him! I thought I was helping him. I thought that seeing her__ seeing that__ seeing_,"

"I don't care what you thought!" Kim shouted interrupting her stuttering. She stood up in anger. "I don't care what you felt either, he's not yours and you know that." She met her Daughters glossy eyes and breathed deeply. She didn't want to have to say this again but she needed to. "Did you plan this Aiko was this your plan all along. To have the alphas mate hating him forever because it sure as hell is what's going to happen now!"

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