11. The fierce ones

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For three months Gloria stayed In the dungeon planning her escape and her revenge. Her boss had not given up his search for her, he wanted her back, his secretary, his heart. His heart was wary and so was Gloria even more now when she started to get sick.

She had missed her period and no food stayed in her stomach for more than five minutes. The toilet had seen more of her vomit than it has of excretion.

With each passing day she became weaker, she could feel feel life passing away from her but she knew it wasn't that, life was not passing away but she was giving life. She didn't know if to be happy about it or to be sad. There was no way she could get the child out now it's been over three months by her calculation. Her pills which she had forfeited for a weak (because she saw no use taking them since she was celibate) appeared to her in a dream crying for her.

As each day passed she became more and more aware of how fragile she was. She knew that if she remained in the dungeon she would die there and so will her innocent child. But God forbid that happens, she had only one hope Jacob.

Jacob was an African American turned into a wolf over ten years ago and a trusted Beta so trusted that he was the only one Noah saw fit enough to protect his mate. But Jacob did not agree with the ways of the alpha if anything he greatly disagreed. He couldn't comprehend why he would close to lock his mate for so long but no matter how he disapproved of the alphas judgement he knew he had no say in the matter.

"Jacob you should know this food will end up wasted in the toilet so just let it down there. There is no use for me to eat if I'm still going to die anyway." Gloria moaned tiredly. She pushed herself up the bed so that her back rested on the wall. Her eyes scanned the environment distastefully as she started to once again feel nauseous. A cleaner cleaned it everyday but it didn't matter to her it was still a dungeon no matter how it looked, it was still secluded and away from life.

"If you don't eat you will die." He was looking at her admonishingly, sympathizing with her. The strong vicious fighter he used to know was broken to a bare shadow of herself.

"I will die either way. I'm pregnant I need to go to the hospital. I'm in my first trimester and as you can see I can not stop vomiting. I wonder the state my child is. You know this is the truth Jacob. I need proper medical care." She swallowed closing her eyes.

"I don't know what to do. I need to tell him of the child. He doesn't know and___

"He doesn't care__"

"Definitely he does." Jacob dared to argue.

"Your alpha is broken you know that. You have to let me out please because of my child. I'll definitely come back but then I need to survive first. Jacob please." Gloria whimpered her breathe becoming heavy from speaking more than few words. She swallowed hard knowing it will soon be her In the toilet throwing up her gut.

Jacob sighed. He knew she was right and letting her out was the best thing to do. If truly he wanted to do what was right by the alpha then he had to let her out. He had seen how his Alpha's state was since she was put into the dungeon. He was like a dead man only because he knew she was suffering. What more if she dies. His broken heart will take no more death. The alpha is too broken to see or accept the truth but he needed his mate as he needed air. "I'll help you but on the promise that you will be back after the child's birth "

"Yes I'll. I promise. I'll be back after his birth. The alpha needs you and even though he doesn't see it now he soon will." Jacob said trying to reason with her.

Gloria smiled too weak to do anything other than that. She doubted if Jacob would keep his promise but she had no other choice than to trust him. She had no choice, he was her only way out.

"Please try to eat." Jacob insisted, he pushed the food closer to her and sat down on the side of the bed. Then he fed her spoon by spoon until she had eaten half the rice. Then she drank a little water because drinking more than a little would make her vomit. He covered her with the blanket and kissed her cheeks.

"Tonight I'll let you out."He assured her. " but I do this for the alpha."

Gloria nodded in understanding.

No matter how Gloria tried to sleep later that night she just couldn't sleep. She was so anxious and restless she later gave up trying to sleep. 

She sat up right on the bed and caressed her belly. Soon she would be a mother she thought, she knew she could never let anyone mess with her child let alone imprison him or her. She was going to try her best to be the best mother there was, the very best.

The first thing she had to do to assure this was to successfully get her child away from this place and away from the monster he or she would have as a father. Noah will never see his child, he can be sure of that.

The gate of the dungeon opened and she became alert cleaning the side of her mouth. She wondered how bad she looked but she was in a prison not a palace, all she wanted was a way to get out and if promising Jacob that she would return was her only way then she must take it. But she knew in her heart that if she succeeds in escaping she will never return.

Jacob came in after a few seconds of Inspecting the surrounding, he was with a bag and a cloak in hand. He opened the gate in a hurry while Gloria stood up. She didn't need him to tell her to. This was her only change

"How strong are you. We have to exit here now. This is the perfect time " Jacob whispered throwing her the cloak he brought. She hurriedly wore it wrapping her hands around her chilled frame. She found that she always felt cold of recent. Maybe it was as a result of being pregnant. The first trimesters could really be tricky.

"I'm strong enough to get out of this hell are you brave enough? Do you want this enough? Because you know you can let me do this on my own."

"No. I'm not ready enough and I'll never be." Jacob said truthfully. "But there is no way I'm letting you do this on your own, you can't, even if I let you and I'll still be implicated. Stick with me Gloria and you will be out of here soon. Let's go."

Gloria nodded and followed him as he went towards the hall way leading to God knows where.

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