10. Not again!

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They went at it till they were both exhausted and in need of rest. In the end as they came his thoughts were of her so wild and rapacious his claws dug into her back and she screamed. He was wounding her but Gloria being the woman she was found pleasure in this. Till her back was marked by him.

When they both came undone again and again with sighs and moans he looked at her, the beauty that was his mate, the one he made love to and he realized that he loved it and he thought of it as good but he just couldn't keep her as his. She too was going to leave he feared.

She didn't rest her head on his shoulders, she didn't play with the slippery hair on his chest like she wanted to. Instead she moved to the far end of the bed and closed her eyes.

He didn't speak to her and she didn't speak to him either. There thoughts were very far off. Now that they were no longer caught in pleasures web they were hit with the reality of the situation.

He watched her as her breathe steadied and when she turned away from him he wanted to kiss her, to touch her, to talk to her, or at least torment her but he found that he was incapable of doing any. His eyes closed putting an end to his tormenting thoughts as he drifted into oblivion. Just then hers opened.

Gloria looked over her back and the wounds and sighed. Her dress was ripped apart but her bra and pants still remained intact. "I'll have to escape naked then." She whispered to herself. It was better to leave naked than to stay with a man who just promised to break her.

Even though in her hearts of hearts she feared that she may no longer want to leave. But she couldn't stay, she just couldn't not when she didn't know for sure what or who he was.

She looked over at the man on the bed while she put on her bra and frowned. He was not human, she was human and unlike Bella she wanted a human to live the rest of her normal life with.

She didn't want to be food for anyone. This was not the kind of life she envisioned herself in and she must leave. She couldn't stay. Yes the pleasure he gave was good but it wasn't worth her life.

She stood up and found the door of his library open. She walked to it and peeping inside the room she saw a dagger made of silver which she presumed to be the only fatale weapon for wolves according to the movies she watched.

She rushed in to take the dagger and rushed out. She was getting out of here and God helps anyone who tried to stop her even the alpha.

She tiptoed to the window after accepting that logically going through the door was actually going to be more dangerous. Looking down there was a huge tree with it's branches spread out ready for her use.

The dangers of climbing the tree didn't scare her, the height didn't. Her father had thought her how to climb trees and although its been long she climbed a tree she never forgets a skill when acquired. It was getting caught that scared her.

She held on to the knife and cut two branches apart holding one firmly till she got to the trunk and then rolled down to the ground. She was right to have presumed here a fortress but she was going to leave either way. Fortress or not Gloria will not allow herself be the victim of an unknown being.

Her hands held the dagger like an expert she was in fighting. She walked in between trees till a big gigantic gate came into view. Gloria smiled n relief.

Her escape sent shivers down her spine, she didn't think that she was actually going to make it. In her excitement she didn't notice the man that walked in front of her wearing only pants there was a gun across his shoulder, his eyes were the colour of headlights too and he was heavily built.

"Who are you?" He interrogated now standing in front of her. She stopped on her tracks in between trees and watched him fiercely.

"I am no one so let me leave."

"You can't be no one. Why are you with the alpha's dagger then. You are a thief!" He said as if he was just came into a very difficult realization, like it came to him as a revelation.

She didn't say another word to him, not in her defense or in attack. She knew it was going to be almost impossible to convince him otherwise and she was in no mood to do the impossible at least not now. Not when she was so close to leaving.

She looked past him and saw that the road was clear and that if only she could get past him then she would be free. She doubted if she could be able to go past the big gates but she had to try. There should be no room for doubts, suffocate it. She heard her father's voice say.

She ran past the man but he was faster than her. He caught her by the waist and pulled her back down. But he didn't know how strong she was, he had clearly underestimated her a decision he was sure to regret.

She spun around and stabbed him in the ribs with the dagger. A decision that was borne from impulse, that which she would end up regretting too.

He howled in pain so loud she was sure everyone in the vicinity heard him. She knew her time as a free woman was over and she almost started crying.

As fast as a twinkle she was surrounded by creatures like the alpha and their Leader Noah was right in front of her wearing only pants. He was half human, half wolf.

"Where do you think you are going? You left! I knew you would leave!" Noah bellowed looking as dangerous as ever. His eyes sent shivers down her spine and once again she became afraid.

"Home. Let me go home you cannot keep me here against my wishes!"

"She's a mad and dangerous woman Alpha we have to kill her immediately." Beta Ace whimpered standing up. Gloria's eyes widened as she watched him heal before her eyes like she just didn't stab him. Nothing was making sense to her which was all the more reason why she wanted to leave.

"Shut up. You let a girl overpower you, a human girl! And you have the Grace to Speak? You should hide your face in shame!" he growled.


"Shut it." He interrupted Ace not wanting to hear him speak. "Take her to the dungeons let's see how she would leave." he instructed. You will never leave me like my mother, I won't let you he thought.

He expected Gloria to shout, to scream, to protest in anyway but she didn't. She spat on the ground before him whilst she was dragged away. A tear drop escaped from her brown eyes and that was her only reaction.

Gloria was taken to another building different from the one she just escaped. There was only one room in it and she was pushed inside and left there. The room was empty except from a bed and table. Gloria didn't care about the state of her prison it won't matter to her even if it was a mansion.

No matter how comfortable a prison is it is still a prison her father would say. If there was anything Gloria hated more than crime It was being locked up and if there was anyone she hated more than the devil now it would be the Alpha.

She knew she was never going to forgive the man who put her in here. In fact, she swore to kill him.

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