5. I can't believe she's mine

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Lucius followed Sarah behind In less than a minute after she went up to his room. He felt a strain in his heart when he was separated from Monica. He wanted to watch over her. The kingdom was not safe for her not just because they were traitors around but because she was human. Vampires were drawn to weaknesses. Hers was not one he wanted them to prey on.

Lucius watched as Sarah tucked in Monica. Having entered the room in silence he could not help but admire her, she was a goddess to him. He felt like his heart was going to explode. If he had a soul then it would be her. All what he felt remained totally confusing. He knew that it was his doubt complicating and confusing things. Everything had happened like it was prophesied, she was his soulmate. She was. But he didn't want to be too excited yet only to end with the pain of disappointment.

"Maybe because her blood healed me and saved me from death." He muttered to himself alerting Sarah of his presence. But her blood wouldn't have healed him had she not been his soul mate. He didn't say that out though. He trusted Sarah but could not risk Monica.

He was hellbent on trying to figure out within himself why he felt the way he did. He had never felt this way before. Stop thinking too much Lucius! It will all fall into place, you'll see.

"Take care of her." Sarah said to him when she was done tucking Monica in. A huge smile was plastered on her face and she blinked twice trying hard to keep from giggling. She knew that Lucius found how she was staring at him annoying but she couldn't help it, just like he could not help but smile at her. The woman had a way of getting to him. He brought her close and kissed her forehead.

"Thanks Sarah."

She nodded barely restraining herself from asking more questions. She opened the door and turned back to smile at him with the desire to ask something, anything, but then his whole attention were now on the human girl so she thought otherwise

Lucius watched a sleeping Monica for two hours before she stirred. Immediately she showed signs of waking up Lucius called and instructed that food be made for her. A lot of food because she deserved a feast.

His order sent the whole kitchen staffs into a frenzy. What will be good for the kings visitor? The king had never asked for this before? Some didn't even know what humans ate or what they would want to eat. The thought of leaving their secluded home in search of food was so not appealing but they didn't have much of a choice since the king requested for it.

Monica woke up with a terrible headache. She felt boneless and weak like her limbs had finally giving up on doing what it was meant to do or as if her spinal cord had been dragged out of her body. Her eyes fluttered open a little but she could not see clearly as her vision was clouded with the light from the chandelier.

"You are awake." Lucius smiled. He was sitting on the bed side of Monica watching her intently as she tried to adjust her eyes to the light. This was her place, by his side, he could feel it in his blood.

Monica heard someone speak to her but she couldn't tell where the voice was coming from. Her heart stopped beating as anxiety hit her bringing along with it fear and panic.

When her brown eyes met a certain grey one she screamed just the way she did in the garden before. She started to remember all that happened causing her head to ache badly.

Lucius hugged her placing her head on his shoulders. "Calm down." He soothed her, his voice smooth like silk. Monica swallowed.

He was so close and so cold she felt very uncomfortable. She wanted so much to push him away but she knew he wouldn't bulge. It was best to play along with him for now, she thought. So after a while she pretended to calm down even though within her a storm is raging. The only thing she wanted was for him to leave her alone so she could escape.

She thought it best for her to go with the flow and turn of all emotions if she was to survive the clutches of the evil man before her. He had bit her. There was nothing good that could that could come out of him. She didn't even know what he was but she was sure that if anything, he was bad news. He was the kind of monsters in the novels the nanny read to her in school.

Lucius didn't let go of her even when she stopped screaming. He held her tight like his life depended on it. Holding her soothed him. He was in the middle of a war and with all that had been happening being so close to her was all he needed.

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