2. King of vampires

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It was already past nine and there was no one in the school and no one close to it's vicinity not even the security guards. Her screams got lost in the thick, dark forest.

She knew that if this man should kill her she had no one but herself to blame. After all there had been a warning that no one should be at the school or it's vicinity after six but she decided to get lost in the dark so it was her fault. Stupid! stupid! Monica.

She considered all she had heard about the forest as mere rumors. Rumors to scare thieves away and keep students from fucking in the forest. Well cancel the last part, who fucks in the forest. Besides this was a man and not a vampire or any of that sort. She was jumping over the barrel like she always did.

She snapped out of her frozen state and tried to run refusing to look at the body laying at her feet. She didn't get him here so he had better leave without her, besides whoever that did this to him was still lurking around the corner and she was not about to find out who.

However, when she took a step backwards, a hand held on to her leg.

"Let me go!" She screamed again, this time not stopping. You know the kind of scream you scream when you see a thief? exactly! that was how she screamed. She was sweating, shaking and could have peed herself had her bladder not been empty, dry and in dying need of water. Her heart was beating so fast she feared that she would pass out.

The body didn't move, neither did it say anything but it still did not let go of her. It was like he drew strength just by holding her, OK that's ridiculous, or is it?

Scared she turned back to the body her heart beating rapidly in her chest. There on the floor lied the most Handsome man she had ever seen. So handsome she screamed a second time. Alright, you caught me she didn't exactly scream but she gasped though. its not everyday you get to see a man this handsome. She had never in her whole life seen a man as handsome as he was and she had seen a lot of handsome men so that was saying a lot.

His hair fell down his face a mixture of raven black and gold strands and she could tell it was so long to have reached his waist. His eyes were closed but his eye lashes were so long. His face was just perfect seeing that his cheekbones were firm like a sculpture. He did not look real if anything he looked like a figment of her imagination. What convinced her more of this was how crimson his lips were and the color of his skin. Pure white and so pale. So pale. "Oh my God. He's dead." She gasped.

The moon settled on his face and on her and everything would have been so beautiful had she not been standing next to a dead man.

With a new found enthusiasm gotten from his charming look and resignation to her fate since his hold on her leg was pretty firm, She knelt down to Inspect him. "Death not today." She chuckled darkly.

His hands on her legs automatically withdrew when she started bending down and he grunted.

"Hey are you OK?" She asked cursing herself for asking such a stupid question although it was the only thing she could have asked. In such a strange situation she could barely process any thoughts.

He had a dagger through his heart and his body showed signs of decay, his veins were popped out which she could see from his neck. He was definitely not OK. He looked strange.

There was something about Monica that sent the body to a great height of enthusiasm. He felt strength emanating from her and surging through him just by the mere feel of her skin. He opened his eyes. When his eyes fluttered open she was taken aback not expecting the body to do that.

The color of his eyes were unreadable. It was so grey she almost thought it was white or maybe it was just the moon.

Looking at his eyes felt like she was looking at the full moon in the water. "Who are you?" She asked, stammering. He did not respond. He looked at her with so much intensity, she swallowed. He sat up and with a speed so fast he took her face in his hands and kissed her. She didn't see it coming, it froze her.

The kiss was so fatal she was left boneless, she didn't respond to it though having been in too much shock and confusion. She let him dominate her. A wrong idea because soon she was bleeding. She felt something sharp on her neck like a dagger cut through.

He had bit her and she screamed immediately the pain hit her. The pain was enormous. Her pupils went to the back of her head and her brown eyes dilated to gold but he did not see that. Soon she calmed down, her lips open as she revelled in his bite wondering what the hell was going on.

"I am Lucius." She heard him say before he removed his teeth from her neck. She heard him in her mind. It was all like a dream but it was not. After a while she became unconscious. The last thing she felt was his tongue on her bare skin.

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