Chapter 29

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 This chapter may contain mature scenes elements. Proceed with slightly more caution.


At first, I didn't believe Master really disowned me. He probably just left me with Valerie to scare me a little. When he gets better, he'll take me back. After all, Evelyn has always obeyed Master and never told any lies.

Just wait a little longer and Master will come to take me back. If he's too busy, he'd just tell Lucien. Or Lucien will offer himself to escort me back to Argid where we'll have tea together.

My ears perk up excitedly as the the door of the walled off cell creaks open. A shadow peers inside my door and I lay my head back down when I don't recognize him.

"Disabled!" he calls.

He throws a stone at my head when I don't respond. I turn to him slowly and he laughs at the blood trickling down my forehead.

Soon another vampire joins him. This one actually comes in and hooks a leash around my collar and tugs me out. I follow, simply glad that I finally leave the confinement of the tiny four-sided room where I can barely sit with my legs out.

"How do we sell something like her?" the first guy asks his companion after giving me the eye.

"Her eyes are grotesque, but if you ignore that, she's a beauty," the guy pulling my least says. "Plus, she's supposedly born a noble who doesn't need blood to sustain herself. Now you don't get those in the market often," he snickers as he yanks the chain. "I'm sure we can find someone who'd pay a decent sum."

We pass an entire hallway of cells like mine. All of them are occupied by other vampires. The two vampires casually stroll pass their whimpers and cries and even find the heart to joke around.

When they pass some halfling prisoners, they look them up and down, obviously undressing them with their eyes.


When they pass the male prisoners, they spit inside their cages and laugh.

That makes me sick.

I even see a few dead prisoners, most likely dead from abuse.

My stomach curls.

How fortunate have I been up to now?

We stop when we reach a bigger area still within the building. No windows to the outside have been visible to the outside until now.

A small crack of sunshine slips through the dimly lit room. So it's morning, I think to myself. That was probably the only thing distracting me from the horrid blood stains and stench filling the area.

In the corner, there's a hay stack where the vampires most likely took turns using to sleep. But I have a feeling that it had more than one use.

"There is a potential buyer who's interested in exotic creatures," a middle-aged vampire says as he walks in. "We can get a handsome price if we find some other use for her."

Someone removes my muzzle, allowing me to finally breathe as if I were actually still living.


I keep my mouth shut and look to the floor.

At my disobedience, I am whipped. It startled them when my skin closed together as quickly as it split open. These must be vampires of the lower castes who has never seen regeneration of this speed.

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