Chapter Seventeen

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Annabelle's PoV

When Jax had first suggested going outside so see the pack grounds I was nervous to say the least. I was never really allowed outside before I ran away but I was always envious of those who could come and go as they pleased.

We were currently sitting on a blanket in a field surrounded by wild flowers as Jax force fed me food. I don't think he understood the meaning of the words I'm full.

I looked over at Jax and took in his relaxed frame. He had denim shorts on with a white tshirt and vans on his feet, sunglasses covering his eyes as he lay on his back to take in some of the suns rays. He looked so relaxed, like he didn't have a care in the world and I found myself envying him. How he didn't have flashbacks every time he saw or heard something that reminded him of his past.

I was currently sitting upright with my knees drawn to my chest and my arms wrapped around them with my eyes darting around at the slightest of noises, making sure it wasn't the noise of someone approaching them.

"Just relax Annabelle, I have told everyone not to come into this part of the territory" Jax muttered.

I looked over at him and found that he had thrown his arm over his eyes, somehow he knew I was tense without even looking at me.

I sighed and tried to relax by lying down next to him but after a few minutes of trying my body still wouldn't relax. I groaned in frustration and sat back up "how are you so relaxed?" I questioned him, annoyed that he can do it and I can't.

He shrugged, still not getting up from his position on the ground. "I don't know, you just have to clear your mind and only focus on the here and now, focus on the wind in the trees, the sound of the birds, the smell of the grass... everything" he muttered.

I tried again but I just became bored and fidgety very quickly. "Let's play 20 questions" I suggested, giving up on trying to relax. I'm hoping that the conversation will distract my over active brain at least a little bit.

"Okay sure" Jax smiled, suddenly sitting upright and in front of me "you go first".

"Umm okay... what's your... favourite colour?"

Jax laughed, "That's the best you've got? I thought you'd be a little more imaginative then that".

I just shrugged and looked at my knees, hoping he didn't see the blush creeping onto my cheeks.


I looked up when he answered my question with a slight frown "why orange?"

He shrugged "I don't know, there's just something about the colour. It's so warm and light, you could never feel cold or sad looking at the colour orange" he muttered. "That and it's the colour of a sunset, I love a good sunset. Okay my turn...what's your earliest memory?"

I smiled as a memory flickered through my head. Unlike most of my other memories that are filled with fear and pain, this one always made me smile. "It was probably when I was around three. Me and my parents went to the park one day, I don't remember why or what we really did there, I just remember being really happy. It wasn't long after that that I moved to the Leftens house" I frowned.

I suddenly felt a comforting hand rest on my knee and I looked up into Jax's reassuring eyes. "Can I ask what happened to them?"

I shrugged, not really having an answer for him. "No one really knows, they went out for some fundraiser or gala or something and just never came home."

"I'm sorry you had to go through that Annabelle" Jax muttered and pulled me into his chest so that I was sitting in his lap. His touch was so comforting and I loved the sound of his heartbeat as I rested my head on his chest. It was soothing.

Just as I was about to open my mouth and ask my next question someone came barrelling into the clearing, sweat visibly dripping from him as he panted to catch his breath. "Sorry to bother you Alpha but we didn't know what else to do, you had shut your mind link off and couldn't get ahold of you" the poor guy gasped.

I shrunk into Jax, not liking being so close to a stranger.

"This better be important Jason" Jax growls as he holds onto me slightly tighter, feeling the nerves coming off of me.

"Yes alpha, we have an issue at the border, Alpha Parker is here and is demanding an audience with you".

I frowned as I felt Jax tense slightly, who ever this person was he wasn't invited.

"Do not allow any members of the rising dawn pack to enter my territory" Jax growled as he gripped onto me tightly. "Annabelle I am going to have to go and deal with this situation quickly, I want you to go with Jason back to my house until I tell you that it's safe okay?" His voice had gotten softer as he spoke to me but I still couldn't help the small frown. I didn't want him to go.

"But I want to stay with you" I whispered, not wanting Jason to over hear. I didn't feel safe with anyone else yet, apart from seeing the doctor I hadn't been apart from Jax since I got here and I didn't feel comfortable leaving him.

"Please my little mate, you don't want to be caught up with this guy... he's not safe" he pleaded.

"W-who is it then?" I stuttered, fearing the answer.

Jax sighed and ran a hand through his hair "he's... well he's the alpha to the pack you used to live in" he whispered and held my chin so that I as looking into his eyes as he said it. So that he could see my reaction.

I thought I would be scared, terrified even, to hear that someone from my past had come back to collect me but for some reason I couldn't manage it. Knowing that I had Jax by my side and that I have a wolf in my head, okay a wolf that I can't get to right now but not the point, made me feel oddly brave, an emotion I hadn't really felt before.

"I want to come with you" I stated, looking into his eyes to show that I really meant it. "I want to meet this alpha that has blocked my wolf from me".

"No Annabelle" Jax growled and I was momentarily stunned that he had actually growled at me and even more stunned that is didn't actually scare me.

"Please Jax, I want to see the man that has done all of this to me" I muttered.

He contemplated it for a second before Jason piped up again "Alpha sir, please, he is causing quite a scene and the patrol warriors on scene are worried that if we don't make our way over soon he will try to breech our parameter by force".

Jax growled at him before sighing and ran a hand down his face, "You promise to stay with either me or one of my guards the whole time?" He asked as he looks down at me.

I nod my head and smiled slightly, trying to show him that I was fine and I wasn't frightened, which was only partially true.

"Fine" he sighed "you may come with us, but as soon as things look like they're heading in the wrong direction I want you escorted out without a single word from you okay?"

I just nodded again and went to stand up as Jax released me.

"Okay let's go and see what this monster wants" Jax muttered as he lead me into the forest.

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