The Disaster of the Pink Fluff

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Okay, I'm entering into full panic attack mode right now. Like, the whole nine yards was making an appearance. My breathing was shallow, my palms were sweaty, and I felt the tiniest bit lightheaded. Holy shit. I was going to faint.

No! Pull yourself together Blue. You will not faint like a stupid damsel in distress. No, absolutely not. I would not succumb to that level of utter humiliation.

You might be wondering why I was panicking at this very moment and if you're really interested I'll tell you, but brace yourselves, this next part is going to be hard to digest. I mean, I'm still choking on it.


I fell from the sky right onto a man and women. Despite my human cushion it still felt like I was hit by a truck, and not a small one either. I'm talking about an eighteen-wheeler type of truck here. The two people must have felt it because the first thing I heard was the light sounds of groaning, and not the good type either.

I slowly opened my eyes to a gloomy grey mush of a sky. I could see a few sparks of lightening light up in the horizon, a foreshadowing of what was to come. The earth shook as the sky thundered and a few drops of rain splattered right into my eye.

Oh, that spot was so sensitive. It burned like a motherfucker. "Awe, my eye. I got rain in my eye." I was probably overexaggerating the pain, but it was like the icing on the cake of a very shitty day.

"Your eye? Nobody cares about your eye. What about my dress?" A high-pitched accented voice came from above me. It started off as a low squeaking sound but quickly escalated into hysterics. And when I say hysterics I mean full on sobbing and tears and a runny nose. It was absolutely awful. She stood above me with her head tilted back and her hands clenched at her stomach. The sight was not pretty.

She let out a wail and collapsed to the ground in a big ball of muddied pink fluff. Her dress must have originally been a light, baby pink with a lace trim and a very low neckline. I'm not a pink kind of person, but the dress actually seemed pretty before the fall ruined it. The material must have been fragile because there was a tear near her thigh area and the pink was now splotched with brown dirt. The tear was small, but it revealed a flash of milky skin.

My own skin was a medium caramel color, courtesy of my interracial biological parents. Compared to mine, her skin was a stark contrast. Her eyes, which were filled with tears and red from the way she was angrily wiping said tears, were the clearest of blues. They were cold as they settled on me. I felt a shiver run through my body as they quickly assessed me and arrived at some conclusion. Pure fury radiated in those pools of ice and it only seemed to intensify as she picked up her hem and marched towards me.

Her feet smacked against the soft grass as she shortened the already short distance between us. Her back was regally straight with an equally as straight nose and a face that was perfectly symmetrical. I had no idea where I was, but I could smell power and privilege like a hunting hound tracking its next victim rolling off of her in waves.

She stopped in front of me and threw back her perfectly intact golden curls. She settled her ice eyes on me. I have never been one to step down from a fight, but as I sat there I realized I was in shock. My eyes drifted from the princess in front of me to my surroundings.

I only saw green hills. There was no sight of a river or a car or even an ambulance. There was just green grass sprinkled with outcroppings of trees and bushels of wild flowers. It was breathtaking. The only thing I could even remotely compare it to is the sight of virgin eyes experiencing New York at night for the first time. It's as if the whole world pauses for just a second to allow you to take in the sight. It holds its breath for just a single moment, and then something interrupts that moment and the world resumes on turning.

In New York it could be something as simple as a car alarm going off, but here, wherever here was, it was the iron grip of a particularly icy princess.

"I don't know who you are, but you will answer for this." She hauled me up with a surprising strength. "Do you have anything to say?" She moved her eyes away from me and directed the question to someone behind me.

I turned to see a man straightening a deep blue coat and brushing off imaginary dirt from his tan breeches. His back was turned to us so I couldn't see much of what he looked like, but he wore his dark hair in a small ponytail at the nape of his neck and appeared to be pulled right of a corny romance movie. The end of his coat almost reached the back of his calves, which were covered in white socks of some sort, maybe hose? His breeches were also a lot tighter than what I was used to, not that I was complaining. Everything was very formfitting, not baggy like how some of the men wore their clothes in my town.

"It doesn't matter." His voice had an accent similar to the woman, but whereas hers was icy his was deathly. They rung with an air of control and finality. I could imagine him standing atop a deck, issuing orders to men, his words begging, no, demanding to be obeyed. He turned around as he straightened his cravat, which was a shade lighter than his coat. I was definitely in the wrong place. Nobody wore anything close to a tie at home so I know there was no way that someone just magically shows up wearing a cravat. It was all too suspiciously formal. "She's obviously a servant of some kind." His gaze snapped up and down my figure in a quick motion, "Don't bother with her." His words hinted at distaste. He turned and started to walk down the hill.

"I am not a servant!" my voice echoed after the strange man. A servant? He was worse than my boss. At least he acknowledged I was an employee. Who was this man to judge me as a servant? He didn't even know me. The hands from the icy woman tightened around me, as if acting as a warning, but I was never good at heeding warnings, or keeping my mouth shut for that matter.

He stopped and turned so very slowly. He was now standing below myself and the woman in the pink dress, but that didn't make him any less intimidating. I felt like he was standing over me, the way a parent did a child as they were receiving a lesson for doing something they weren't supposed to. His eyes were green, greener than the fields we were standing in and I felt trapped as I became pinned under their gaze.

I felt like shrinking with every fiber in my body. God dammit Blue! Don't you dare move. Our eyes locked. I will not look away first, I will not look away first. Don't you look away, don't let this man intimidate you. We were locked in a staring contest with neither of us willing to submit first.

"Interesting." He tilted his head and then spun on his heel, "Hazel, bring the girl along." I sighed as he broke eye contact and briskly disappeared down the hill.

A smile took over my face. I must've looked like a maniac, but I didn't give a damn. Whoever this man was, I just won. I don't know what I won, pride maybe, but I won nonetheless. Blue 1, strange man 0.

The woman who was holding me pushed me forward as we started our walk down the side of the hill, following the same trail as the man. My small moment of triumph was replaced with fear. There's only been a few moments in my entire life that I can pinpoint feeling this type of fear, and one of those moments was when I was being wiped off the windshield of a blue sedan, sending me to a certain watery grave.

My palms slicked with sweat and I felt my heart quiver with the unknown. I had no idea where I was, who I was with, and what was going to happen. I only knew that I wasn't home. I glanced around. That part was very obvious. The fear settled into the pit of my stomach. Where the actual fuck was I?


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