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(y/n. pov)

'babe can I have your phone please ' I asked my boyfriend Shawn I wanted to use his phone while he did a interview.  'sure its on the table in my dressing room'- I walk to his dressing room grabbing the phone of the counter. I unlocked his phone as I knew his password my birthday.

20 minutes into the interview- I got bored and I decided to go into Shawn's messages. I was scrolling through his messages when one flashed straight at my face "babygirl" what the fuck. I scrolled through their chat seeing dirty,love,aruging messages-my eyes were burning threatning to spill with tears.

I went to his dm's and saw way wores dirty pictures dirty messages. how could shawn do this to me- by now tears were streaming down my face. I ran to shawn's dressing room sitting on the couch. I bawled my eyes, soon after all what felt for hours shawn came.

'babygirl are you ok' that name made me shiver him calling it me but behind my back someone else.' do I look ok to you you lying cheating scum'. he gave me a look of confusion -I  shoved his phone at him  'dont lie to me" babygirl" shawn I read your messages I'm not dumb'.

'y/n I'm soo sorry baby I am' I shook my head 'im sorry we are over I cant shawn this is it and don't ever think you can see your child again I'm sure you can have kids with hailey' he was crying 'pleas y/n I'm sorry pleas forgive me I wana be a part of y/d/n' 

I stood up and walked to the door 'I'm sorry goodbye'


hey guys I'm publishing a new book very soon I hope you still like this book I will publish very soon I'm really sorry for any grammar or mistakes I had to do this mega quick so I hope you love it phone 2 out soon ly guys xxxxxx

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