Prompt #29

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                Prompt: Leon and Brennan going to Leon's family cabin over the summer


                "Hey, wake up."

                Someone was shaking me, and I swatted them away, rolling over. They shook me harder and I buried my face against the pillow.

                "Brennan is not here right now. Leave a beep after the message," I mumbled out.

                "It's leave a message after the beep, idiot," Leon's voice replied, dragging me up into a sitting position. "Come on, my parents made breakfast. We're going down to the lake after we eat."

                "Breakfast?" I instantly perked up. "I like food."

                "I know you do," Leon said in patient exasperation. That's why I woke you up for it. Let's go, Bren."

                I climbed out of bed, stretching. Leon waited for me to brush my teeth and change into swim trunks and a tank top. The two of us went downstairs together.

                We were staying in the Constance family's cabin for the week. It was a short walk away from a quiet lake, and the cabin itself was a decent size. Leon and I were sharing a bed, which his parents only allowed because the bed was out in the open and not in a private room. His brother and sister were sharing a bedroom, and his parents slept downstairs in a room together. I was just relieved we weren't all sharing a room.

                His family was already passing around plates with pancakes. They handed us plates as we joined them, and we sat on the couch with Caroline.

                "So, what are we doing at the lake?" I asked.

                "Whatever we want," Leon said. "We have kayaks, we could swim, or we can go out on the boat."

                I nearly choked. "You have a boat? You didn't mention that!"

                "I doubt you have a boating license, Brennan. Don't even think about trying to drive it without one of us on board," Constance said, gesturing between him and his wife.

                "Listen buddy, my tuition helped pay for that boat I'm sure, and I'll drive it if I want to," I said.

                "Brennan," Leon groaned. "Don't worry dad, he won't drive it without you or mom on board. I promise."

                "I'd love to see Brennan speeding away on our boat," Caroline said. Constance shot her a look and she composed herself into a serious manner. "Poor joke, I apologize." When Constance turned away, Caroline winked at me.

                "Oh, Brennan, you'll love the lake! It's so relaxing there. I used to let the kids swim when they were little, and George would take them fishing. Adam used to carry Leon out into the deeper parts of the water when Leon was little, and the water is so clear they could see the fish swimming around out there," Abby said.

                "I'm just looking forward to relaxing," I said. "Kind of had a stressful year, what with your husband trying to arrest me and the whole abusive school thing."

                "We're going to go get ready for the lake," Leon said quickly, dragging me towards the stairs.

                "But I am ready," I argued.

                "We're going to get more ready," he said, pulling me upstairs. "Can you quit trying to pick a fight with my dad? You're stuck with him for the week. Plus, if we go out to eat, he'll be the one paying for you."

                "I'm sorry! I have a big mouth!" I reminded. "You really should've seen this coming when you invited me to spend a week with your family."

                Leon gave me that patiently exasperated look. "Brennan, I'm going to drown you if you keep this up."

                "Careful. You'll give your dad ideas, and he'll start waterboarding students next year," I said, laughing when Leon hit my arm. "Okay, okay, I'll attempt to control my mouth. Let's go. I want to see this lake that fascinated little Leon so much."

                Leon frowned. "I liked watching the fish. Don't make fun of little Leon."

                We went back downstairs and followed the Constance family out of the cabin. We walked down a quiet path to the lake, which was calm, the sun reflecting off the clear water.

                "Okay, that is damn pretty," I admitted.

                "I'm going to read and tan," Caroline said.

                "Don't sit out in the sun too long," Constance said sternly.

                "Leon, you better have sunscreen on. You burn so much easier than your siblings. Brennan, you're pale too. Put sunscreen on," Abby said, shoving a bottle of sunscreen into Leon's hands. "Adam, what are you going to do?"

                Adam's girlfriend hadn't been able to make it, and Adam had been a lot quieter than I'd expected so far. "I'll join Caroline. I want to catch up on some reading."

                "We'll go fishing tomorrow morning, Adam," Constance said.

                "Swear to god, if your alarm wakes me up bright and early, I'll smother you with a pillow," Caroline threatened her older brother.

                "Then come fishing with us," Adam said.

                "Or, I can get my beauty sleep," Caroline said.

                "Enough out of you two," Abby said. "George, let's go on the kayak. Leon, what are you and Brennan going to do?"

                Leon looked to me. I shrugged, looking around the lake.

                "Let's walk around. Maybe swim a bit?" I offered.

                "Sounds good to me," Leon said with a tired smile. God, even on vacation, I couldn't get the damn dude to sleep at a normal time.

                We all split up. Leon held my hand as we started walking along the shallow part of the lake, the water lapping against our ankles.

                "It's peaceful here," I said.

                "I love it. We come here every summer," Leon said. "Mom was excited you could make it. She wants to show you the trail we hike."

                I peeked at Leon out of the corner of my eye. He looked so tired, but his expression was content as he looked out at the lake. His parents were in a kayak together , making their way towards the center of the lake. His siblings laid together on towels, books laid out in front of them.

                I wanted him to have a relaxing week. I'd force him to go to bed early so he could get some rest for once. I'd try to stop picking fights with his dad so he didn't have to stress about that. We could take nature walks, and swim, and roast marshmallows at night, and stargaze together.

                "I think this'll be a great vacation," I said, kissing his cheek.

                He squeezed my hand, smiling at me. "It will be. I'm really glad you're here, Brennan."

                The two of us walked along the shore, eventually sitting together in the water. I put my arm around Leon and held him close as we looked out at the scenery together. I'd make it a good, relaxing week for the both of us.

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