Dirty Niall imagine

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Dirty Niall imagine:

"Love In The Club"

Today was a boring day. I decided to call my friend to see if she had anything planned. " Amber, do you think you could come over? " I asked hoping she could hang out. " No, I was thinking about going to a club later! I hear One Direction is in town. WE MIGHT FIND THEM!" She said in excitement.

One Direction? That gay boyband? Eww. I can not stand them. My little sister is in love with those boys and she never shuts up about them. They're sexy and all but I just dont care about them. However, I did want to go clubbing, so I took the offer.

" Sure, what time should I be ready ?" I asked. " Umm about 10 "

I said okay and hung up the phone. It was 6 and I wants to look good tonight do I hopped in the shower. God, I hope these boys are not there. I got out and put some comfortable close on just for now. I decided to paint my toes and do my nails. I was excited to get out tonight. Now it's time to decide what to wear. I went with a tight fitting dress that was cream on top and black on bottom. I grabbed my cream pumps. For my hair I made it wavy and for make up i put on eyelier, base, and simple eyeshadow. I looked nice. I decided to grab a bite to eat so I wouldn't get sick from drinking later.

I went by McDonalds and grabbed a quick meal and then I was in my way to Amber's. I pulled up and walked inside. " Hey." "Wow y/n you look amazing! " I replied with Thanks and she told me she was almost ready. She grabbed her wedges a d we were out the door on our way to the club.

When we pulled up there was paparazzi outside the building and girls screaming. Great, I thought. That stupid boy band is here. I brushed it off and walked inside. The first one I noticed was the one with blonde hair.. Niall I think? Yeah that's it. He was cute. Probably my favorite of them all. I walked over to the bar and got a drink to start my night. After an hour of dancing I went back for more.

I was just about to order when I heard a thick Irish accent from beside me. " Hello love " He had perfect eyes. Omg. " Hi" I replied. He was just so.. sexy. No y/n stop. You don't like this boy. " Can I buy you a drink? " he said. Wow. Polite. " I already got it, thanks. " He nodded and we began talking. He was really sweet actually. He asked me to dance and I nodded before we made our way to the dance floor.

We were both super drunk at this point and I decided to have some fun. I grinded on him and I could see that he was getting hard. I brought my face back up to him and he grabbed my head and kissed me passionately. " Follow me " he said.

We made it to a corner in the back of a club where no one could see us. He lifted me up around his waist as we began having an intense make-out session. He started to kiss my neck and leave love bites and I could feel myself getting wetter. He lifted up my dress and jammed two long fingers inside me. I thee my head back in pleasure. " Mm Niall Ahh " I was bucking my hips into him when suddenly he stopped. I was confused. " dont worry I wouldn't

leave you like that " I smiled and he carried me to the bathroom.

We got in one of the stalls. " y/n I don't care who hears. Be loud baby " I nodded. I got down in my knees and unbuckled his belt pulling his pants down. His large boner was revealed. He was big. Really big actually. I kissed the tip and started jacking him off. " faster ahh " he moaned my name and threw his was back. I took his whole length and put it to my mouth sucking hard. He grabbed my hair and pushed into me making me gag. I didn't mind though. When he started twitching, I pulled him out.

He lifted me up again and positioned himself. " Ready y/n? " I nodded before he slammed himself into me. With no time to adjust he began thrusting hard. " Mm Niall " I moaned his name as loud as I could for him. " I like the way you say my name, say it again. " NIALL AH " " You're so tight babe. " He started playing with my boobs and I felt my high coming. " Niall, I, I , I'm gonna ..." before I could finish he slammed into me one more time making me cum all over him. "NIALLLLLL" Barely breathing he whispered in my ear. " That. Was. Amazing. " I smiled and nodded in agreement.

We walked out and I looked for Amber. I couldnt find her. I checked my phone and I had a text.

From Amber:

Sorry, I got really sick and had to leave.

Ugh. I turned to Niall. " Hey can you drive me home? My friend got sick and had to leave. " He looked at me passionately. " How about to my place for round two instead? " he said and winked. " fine with me " I replied before we headed to Niall's

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