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Eventually my headache got too bad to bare with so I got up and grabbed 2 ibuprofen, I swallowed them down with a water bottle before laying back with Jasper.

"That bad huh?" He asked as we both layed on our sides, facing each other with our legs tangled.

"Very bad." I confirmed before sitting up once again to close the curtains making my room pitch black and grabbing my phone and opening it to see.

"(2) missed calls- Embry 🐾"

I instantly hit call back pulling the phone to my ear, seeing Jasper's confusion.

"Hey this is Embry! I'm not available right now leave a message!" Embry stated through his voicemail, causing me to sigh.

"Embry I saw that you called, please call me back. I'm sorry we're worried about you." I worried before closing the phone, all my attention focused on Embry.

"Who's Embry?" Jasper questioned after my figure layed next to him once again.

I sighed realizing I never told him about the pack, before responding, "When you guys left a lot of stuff happened and Embry was there for a lot of it."

"..oh, anything else?" He asked looking up to me, knowing I was keeping something from him.

"..he imprinted on me." I answered, to see his gaze snap up to meet my own.

"He's a mutt?!" He yelled, standing up.

"You became friends with a mutt?" He continued, causing my face to go red with anger.

"You don't get to be mad! If you're forgetting you weren't there!" I snapped back while standing up.

His face fell at this statement, looking down to the floor for a moment before breathing out, "you're right I wasn't there."

"I know I'm right, and he was just a friend. The pack didn't approve of me so to keep him safe from them I told him to go away, and he ran from his pack." I finished, sitting beside him as we both calmed down from our bit.

"..I'm sorry for snapping, I-I just get-" He apologized looking down, before I cut him off.

"Jealous.. yeah I'm starting to notice you get jealous a lot." I interrupted, grabbing his hand in my own before continuing, "But you need to know that I'm yours and only yours."

"I know that I just can't control myself knowing something might be thinking of you that way." Jasper admitted his hands pulling me to him, and grabbing my chin to look at him.

"Well even if they do I'm always your girl." I responded, sitting up a bit to peck his lips sweetly.

I layed my head down onto his shoulder before hiking one of my legs across his body basically wrapping myself around him like a koala.

"..you comfy?" He chuckled looking down at my figure attached to him.

"Very" I sighed into his shoulder, feeling him pull the comforter over us, his hands going under it to my back.

"I love you Clove." He stated smiling at me his eyes warmly complimenting it.

"I love you too Jasper"

(A/n: sorry for the hella short chapter but for the past 2 days and for the next 3 days I had and have exams so please bare with me for a little bit longer)

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