8.Switch Up

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The drive back was the worst. I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened within such a short period of time. It felt like it was just yesterday when I adopted Adrianna from the foster home.
I chuckle a little just thinking about the stories Ms.Ava told me before I adopted Adrianna. How she used to cause trouble for anyone who tried to adopt her. Like that one time she sneezed in the guys face then bit his hand. Oh and I can't forget about the troublesome things she did with her best friend, I can't remember what her name was though.
Adrianna was a bratty little angel....... "god I miss her so much" I say silently to myself and sigh out of aggravation. I pull into my drive way and turn off the engine.

"Shit what am I gonna tell Justin" I think to myself, panicking just a little. I slowly walk up the steps to my home and take my keys out of my pocket to unlock my front door.

"That took forever. Where'd you go?" Justin says while laying on the couch watching an action movie. He takes his eyes off the screen when I don't give a response.

"Wait where's Adrianna?!" He ask with wide questioning eyes.

"I took her back to the foster home because she hates me!! Is that what you wanted to hear!?" I snap out of anger and sadness.

"Dude calm down" Justin says trying to mediate the situation.

I let out a scoff. "Fuck off Justin" I say walking up to my bed room.....what used to be our bedroom. I slam the door shut. Running my fingers through my hair and tugging on the ends out of pure frustration.

Walking over to my bed I see something sparkling. Fuck. It was one of her favorite paci's from the custom made collection I got for her. I remember her falling asleep with this, looking like the beautiful angel that she is.

My blood starts to boil. I throw the paci across the room causing it to shatter a glass vase. I slide everything off my dresser in one swift motion. WHY THE FUCK DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE ME. I throw another glass vase at the tv causing it to break.

"JACK WTF!! CHILL OUT!!" I hear my brothers attempts to get me to calm down but I can't. All I see is red from pure anger and sadness. Adrianna had an effect on me so quick like no other girl. I just wished I had the same effect on her. I sink against the wall hanging my head low with my hair covering my face.

"Daddy I'm scared." I hear a tiny voice coming from the the door of my room. I don't even look up because I feel so bad that I frightened Justin's little.

"It's okay go downstairs and wait for me. We'll watch your favorite movie." I hear Justin say to her.

"Little Mermaid?!!" She says with excitement in her tone.

"Yupp. Now go downstairs and wait. Daddy has to have a conversation with his idiot brother." I roll my eyes at Justin's words.

"Okay daddy" is the last thing I hear before I hear big foot steps coming towards me.

"Justin I'm not really in the mood for a conversation right now." I say

"I don't think I asked you to be quite honest and I don't care either. You need to calm down because you woke Lilly up" I can't really focus on Justin's words as something is going on in my head.

Lilly Lilly Lilly Lilly mmmhh Lilly....."where the fuck do I know that name from" I think to myself. Justin sits in front of my with a confused look on his face.

"Dude do you not hear me speaking?" He says.

"Shut the fuck up. I'm trying to think!" I says trying so hard to figure it out. Its on the tip of my tongue but I can't seem to figure it out.

"Jack you're acting wei-"

"LILLY! THATS WHERE I KNOW HER FROM!" I cut Justin off and rush downstairs as he follows behind me.

I see Lilly waiting on the couch as she was told.

"You're actual name is Lilly right?"

"Yes" she replies with confusion in her tone as Justin stands behind her completely confused as well.

"You were adopted from the foster home for little's right?".

"Yes" she answers .

"Ms.Ava took care of you right?" I say getting excited.

"Yes" she answers again.

"Is Adrianna you bestfriend?!" I ask hoping to get the answer I want to hear.

"Me and Adrianna are best friends....well we were best friends. Wait how do you know all of this!?"

"Ms.Ava told me the troublesome stories about you two before I adopted her. I couldn't remember your name but after hearing it, it clicked in my mind."

"Ohhh so you're the jackass who took my bestie away from me!" She says kicking me in my leg.

"Heyy no hitting Lilly. Even if he does deserve it" Justin pipes in, half ass scolding Lilly for hitting me.

"Sorry daddy." She says smiling at Justin but giving me the devil eyes.

"Where is she?" Lilly adds in.

"Well umm she left while you were sleeping because she missed her foster home and she didn't quite like me." I say with sadness in my eyes.

"Oh boyyy. Adrianna left because of me." Lilly sighs out of realization.

"What do you mean?" Both me and Justin ask at the same time.

"Okay so back at the foster home years ago me and Adrianna made a pact to never separate from each other and if that does happen to do whatever it takes to get back to each other. So lemme guess she acted out and did things she wasn't supposed to do?" Lilly explains making it very clear to me what's going on.

"Yea she did! Wow it all makes sense now" I say.

"It's okay Jack I had to go through it too. Lilly overflowed the tub with bubbles and spilt apple juice all over the white carpet on purpose." Justin adds in.

"Adrianna overflowed my tub with bubbles too!" Me and Justin both look at Lilly.

"Hehe what can I say me and Adrianna love each other. We call that move the bubble river." She laughs.

"Your punishment was funny too right?" Justin says making Lilly stop laughing and apologize again for what she did.

"So Jack what are you gonna do?" Justin asks me.

"I mean I understand the bestie part but Adrianna really seemed to not like me" I say a little sad.

"She did. Adrianna's a great actress. She probably never told you that she liked you because she wanted to make it believable." Lilly says.

"Mmmmhh I don't know guys. I don't think she wants to come back." I say slightly indecisive on what to do.

"Come on you dummy. Grab your keys. I'm going with you to get her back." Lilly says standing up and heading for the door.

"You got a sassy one" I whisper to Justin.

"You know it. Now come on." Lilly says out loud obviously hearing what I said.

I'm so happy that I'm gonna get my angel back and she'll be so happy to see her bestfriend. She's probably so sad right now because Lilly isn't there she's actually here. I hope nobody else adopted my beautiful little girl.

I'm coming for you angel.


What do you guys think is gonna happen in the next chapter?

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