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Sydney's POV:

I was sat in the living room staring at a damn window for almost 10 minutes debating whether I should throw a chair at it or not, after 10 more minuets of thinking I got up and picked a chair up from the dinning table and walked to the window, with all the force I had left I threw the chair at it and it's shattered into millions of small pieces, smiling to myself I searched the house and found a pair of shoes and slipped them on, they were really big but meh, I then climbed out the window making sure I don't cut myself and as soon as I was out, I ran, I ran faster than I've ever had I mean PE couldn't make me walk but now I was running, there was nothing but a road going straight so I ran.

About 30 minutes after I saw a black car, it was coming towards me and it stopped right in front of me, and the windows rolled down to reveal a guy, a fucking HOT guy, with blond hair styled in a quiff, perfect baby blue eyes and a lip ring to top it all off, I mean could he be any hotter??
"Hey! You're the girl from the news!"
His deep, sexy as hell voice said
"uh ah yea I guess"
I stuttered but seriously YOU GUESS?? I mean what the hell Sydney, he chuckled and said
"you are, come on get in, I know where your house is doll"
I melted, he called me doll and it felt
amazing coming out of his perfect lips, I got in the car and he started driving

"So umm whats your name?
I asked trying to make small talk to avoid the awkwardness
he answered looking Straight, damn he looked like a Luke! The car went silent again
"well I'm-
he cut me off
"Sydney Parker, I know"
okay.... Soon the house, oh wait sorry
the prison i was locked up in came in
"Luke... Why are we going there?"
I asked trying to figure out myself as well
"oh nothing much hun, a friend called
and said that something he owns ran
he smirked, no! Nononono please don't be him, please don't be his friend,
"i-i don't g-get it"
I stuttered as tears filled my eyes
"oh damn, you're in so much trouble"
he said with that smirk still on his face.

Soon the car came to a stop and we
were in the drive way of that hell hole
and I was now crying like really bad
"time to go back to your lover"
he said and got out and came to my
side and opened the door and roughly
Pulled me put, I let out a whimner as he dragged me to the front door and rang the bell, little motherfucker, the door opened to reveal a pissed off Michael.
"your girlfriend"
Luke said as he handed me over to
Michael, who roughly pulled me inside the house and glared at me
"thanks mate, how about you and the
boys come tomorrow afternoon?"
Michael said while still looking at me
like he's gonna kill me, I'm screwed, I
thought to myself as Luke nodded and
left and Michael slammed the door shut and pushed me back and I fell to the ground.
he screamed as he towered over me,
"i-i-im so so s-s-sorry m-michael"
I said between sobs as he shook his
head and pulled Me up by my hair and dragged me to the basement
"m-michael p-p-please i said I'm so-Sorry"
I tried to to get out of the mess I got myself into but it was no use.
"when I told you the rules you should've followed them"
he said as he threw me down the stairs and I landed on my back and I let out a scream and arched me back in pain.
"you shouldn't have done that princess'
he said as he walked towards me
"but i-im sorry"
I said as I tried to calm myself but I was Just In so much pain.
"I don't care"
he said and he lifted me up by the shirt I was wearing, as soon as I was back on my feet he let go of me and I stumbled back, but regained my balance
"shirt. Off"
he ordered as his own shirt fell to the
ground and a lone tear fell down my
"i-im so sorry"
and just after I said that the shirt was ripped off of me, and my arms
immediately covered my exposed
body, I'm very insecure about my body, that's why I skip breakfast sometimes.

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