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Sydney's POV:

I guess I cried myself to sleep cause when I woke up the room was lighten up with sunshine, I heard snoring beside me and two strong arms were wrapped around my waist, I tried to get out of his grip but it only tightened. I groaned cause his arms were hurting me. I finally got out of his grip and placed a pillow for him to hug. I got out of bed and stared at the guy, he was pretty cute 'but he kidnapped me so I hate him' walked to the window and tried to open it but It was locked, the room door was also locked, I finally arrived at the bathroom door and closed my eyes and turned the knob and to my luck it opened, I smiled to myself and walked in and closed the door. I looked around and found a window on top of the bathtub, I climbed in and stood on the walls of the bathtub, I pushed the window and it opened, I internally screamed in excitement and pushed myself off of the tub by the help of the window and started getting out, I was
half out when I felt two hands grab my hips, I cursed under my breath and closed my eyes as I started to tear up. I was roughly pulled back and he turned me around to face him. I was met with dark green eyes, almost black, they weren't the color I saw before, he looked pissed off I looked down as tears fell down my cheek.
"bad girl princess, you shouldn't have
done that, it's only your first day here and you wanna leave, why so early? You don't even know the rules yet"
he said with a smirk on his face. By now I was full on crying
"p-please i-im so so-sorry"
I sobbed but he just shook his head and I was thrown over his shoulder, he carried me out of the room and walked down stairs as my tears socked his shirt. I guess we were in the basement. The place reeked badly of God knows what,when the light opened I wanted to throw up because the place was so dirt, it made me cry more. He carried me to a pipe and tied me to it and then he tied me hands and feet. He kissed my forehead, okay...Well all my confusion was gone when I felt a sting on my cheek, the bitch slapped me!!

I didn't show any sign of pain cause I needed to be strong
"now listen up! I'm gonna tell you some rules and I'm not gonna repeat myself, okay!?"
he asked harshly, I just nodded my head but he roughly grabbed my chin in his large hands and bought my face closer to his I shut my eyes close
he yelled in my face, I nodded again, but he started screaming again
"use your fucking words!"
he screamed again,
oh fuck you Sydney My voice cracked!!!! I looked down
"good now, you don't scream at me,
you don't disobey me, you don't fucking try to escape, you wear what I tell you to, you do what I tell your to or else I will punish you and you won't like it, I will add more rules if I need to, understand!?"
he said holding my face so I was looking at him, I nodded again and this time he slapped me I couldn't hold it in anymore let out a scream and started crying badly
He yelled
I answered while quietly crying
"good girl princess, I went easy on you because I love you but if you break any one of those rules the punishment will be worse, okay princess?"
He asked softly this time, I was gonna nod but I really didn't want another slap so I replied with a simple 'alright' and he kissed my cheek before closing the lights and walking out of the room, locking it.

I had stopped crying and started thinking. I really missed my mum and dad, I hope they're looking for me, I hope they find me and take me away from this psychopath. I was really hungry and sweaty and I tried pulling at the ropes but they cut my wrists and I winced in pain. If he was stalking me because he likes me why was he hurting me?

I was soon broken out of my thoughts
when I heard a rat squeak out, oh hell no! No no no no no please no! I soon felt something crawl up my leg. I screamed out hoping he'd come down and he did!! He opened the door and the lights flickered open
"what is it?"
he asked rather annoyed, I looked down to see a huge spider on my leg
"th-there is a sp-spider on my l-leg"
I managed to choke out. I saw him
walk down towards me and he took the spider off of me and killed it, I sighed in relief
"don't be such a baby princess"
he said. He got up and got closer to my neck,
"you look so sexy in my shirt"
his hot breath tickled my neck, I didn't reply but he started kissing my neck. He quickly pulled away and walked towards the door
"you're gonna stay here tonight, so you don't try to escape again"
okay I officially hate this fucked up, mentally ill, asshole.

He left the room but thank God he left
the lights open.

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