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Sydney's POV:

I sighed as I walked into my room. As soon as I closed the door a hand went to my mouth and nose, covering it, and an arm went around my waist and held me tightly. I thrashed around trying to scream but I did what my dad told me not to do in this type of situation. I inhaled and soon my fighting slowed and eventually I blacked out.
I woke up in a dark room, my hands were tied above my head and legs were strapped on the bed I tried to scream but there was tape on my mouth, I then realized that I wasn't wearing any pants, and well I had a shirt on, suddenly the door opened and closed, the lights were turned on I saw a guy with green hair, he walked over to Me and sat down beside me, I'm not gonna lie, he was so damn cute but ughh focus,I thought to myself. I didn't know on what but I just kept on telling myself to focus. He smirked at me and pulled the tape off of my mouth, I didn't say anything as my throat was dry and I couldn't make a single sentence cause I was scared oh fuck scratch that I was terrified, I felt his fingers move up my thigh and I tried to kick him but it was no help, he just smirked again and picked up a water bottle from the ground and waved it in front of me, the smirk never leaving his damn face. I looked at him for a moment and then looked down, I realized that I wasn't even wearing my own shirt, it was a blue flannel and was only half Buttoned, I narrowed my eyes at him, 'is he crazy!?Why would he change my clothes.' He opened the bottle and placed it on my lips
he ordered and I chugged the whole bottle quickly
"why did you change my clothes?"
he smirked and came near my ear and whispered
"cause you look hot in what you're wearing and it's not like I haven't seen it all before princess"
He said and kissed my neck  before standing up straight
"why did you bring me here?"
I asked.
"cause you belong with me"
he answered.
"I don't even know you, why-
he cut me off
"Shut up, You ask lots of questions"
okay that pissed me off
I yelled, I guess I made him angry
cause he grabbed my face and straddled Me and got closer to my face
"do not talk to me like that! I don't wanna hurt my princess, I'll tell you the rules and if you break any one of them you will not like the punishment, understand!?"
He yelled into my face I just nodded as tears streamed down my face,
"answer me!"
he growled,
I answered, too scared to say anything else, he smiled and kissed my forehead
and whispered
"you're so cute when you're scared" 
he got off me and walked out of the room
and locked it leaving me alone to sob.

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