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Sydney's POV:

I woke up and got out of bed, I changed quickly and walked out to see no one in the hallway, I walked down to the kitchen to see no one, I looked out the window to see mum and dad's car gone. Sighing I leaned against the wall, I really wanted to show her the screenshots,
'I'll show her at dinner'
I thought as I grabbed an apple and walked out the door making sure everything was locked.

As I plugged in my earphones my phone dinged causing me to open the text from the unknown number. It read

'Good morning beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful day and don't try to block this number, I got very angry when you blocked me before and we don't want me getting angry now do we, princess?'

'Hold up!!!...  Did he just threaten me' 
I thought as I finished reading the text. I scuffed.
'I'll show this to my dad then we'll see who's scaring who'
I thought as I played my music and walked to school.

I reached school and went to my first class, biology, to see my best friend sitting in our usual spots
"Hey lex"
I said as I sat beside her
"Yo sid"
She said and I smiled
"I have to tell you something"
And with that I told her everything, showed her the screenshots and the text I got this morning a few tears escaped my eyes as she just stared at the screen
Was all she could choke out before the professor walked in and started the class.

I reached home and went to my room to find the window open and I was sure that I locked it as I had checked it thrice before leaving. A gasp left my mouth as I slowly walked to it but stopped mid way as I saw a note on my bed, it read

'Don't worry princess, you'll be mine soon. I'll make all the confusion go away♡'

It was a hand written note but the thought of knowing that someone had broke into my house and put it there made me shiver. Tears welled up in my eyes as I tugged at the roots of my hair and yelled in frustration
I yelled as I kicked the door and took in a shakey breath and picked up my phone to call my dad but I got a text instead, from the unknown number,

'Awe you're so cute when you're frustrated. Don't worry tho, I'll make all the confusion go away the second I get you'

It read making me wanna sob loudly but even so I replied back to him cause now I was terrified

'Why are you doing this? What do you want?'

I asked, yea I know,  how original but come on! I was scared!  I got a reply really quick

'All I really want is you ;) and I know what you plan on doing, don't you dare tell anyone, you've already told Alex and I don't want anyone else knowing or I'd have to get you quicker than I originally plan on doing it'

It read making more tears fall. Like hell I'll gonna listen to him. I quickly called my dad and told him to come home with mum, he didn't even let me explain cause I guess my shakey breaths and cracking voice was enough for him to know something was wrong.

1 hour later I sat on the ground of the living room shaking and crying into my mother's Lap. I had told them everything and showed them everything. They were left speachless, to be honest I would too. Dad said he'd take this to the police and left with my phone leaving me and my mum. We both sat on the couch in silence for a total of 4 hours. It was 8 pm when my dad got home with a police officer.

Officer Jackson interrogated me and all and said that he'd have a police officer outside our house for as long as they don't figure out who the guy is. But I still wasn't pleased.

Tired out of my mind I went to my room when the officer left, he told us that the officer would be there in 10 minutes.

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