Final Requests!

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Time is over to request, actually it was two days ago but I didn't have the time to organize them properly, now the final requests in order of publishing are:

1. Ruby x Trash (Depressed)! Otaku! Male! Reader

2. Yandere! Maki x Popular! Female! Reader

3. Aqours x Female! Tomboy! Reader

4. Yandere! Mari x Female! Reader (Lemon)

5. Yō x Cold! Male! Reader

6. Maki x Childhood Friend! Amnestic! Female! Reader

7. Yandere! Umi x Female! Archer! Reader

8. Mari x Depressed! Dying! Female! Reader

9. Honoka x Ex-idol! Female! Reader

10. Muse x Ice skate! Male! Reader

11. Nozomi x Dying! Reader

-Umi x Nozomi

12. Chika x Abused! Shy! Mega-gamer! Female! Reader

13. Kanan x Suicidal! Reader

14. Muse x Dying! Fem! Reader

-Flirty! Honoka x Shy! Male! Reader

15. Ruby x Dog! Male! Reader

16. Muse x Male! Singer! Romantic! Dense! Reader

17. Aqours x Cat! Burglar! Ticklish! Female! Reader

18. Nozomi x Sister! Female! Reader (Lemon)

19. Cheating! Maki x Nico

20. Mari x Cheating! Female! Reader

21. Nozomi x Shy! Sneaky! Talented! Female! Reader

22. Vampire Maki x Abused! Female! Reader

23. Eli x Strong! Female! Reader

24. Yō x Male! Reader

25. Yō x Male! Reader x Maki

26. Nurse! Maki x Vigilante! Male! Reader

27. Shy! Yandere! Younger sister! Eli x Older Brother! Male! Reader

28. Yandere! Maki x Male! Reader

29. Captain! Yō x Female! Sailor! Reader

30. Mari x Female! Reader

31. Cheating! Anju x Male! Reader x Tsubasa

32. Yō x Male! Reader

33. Hypnotist! Eli x Hypnotized! Female! Reade

34. Captain! Yō x First Mate! Female! Reader (Lime)

35. Maki x Male! Reader x Nozomi

36. Muse x Dense! Female! Reader

37. Maki x Cold! Reader

38. Eli x Mage! Mature! Mysterious! Female! Reader

39. Umi x Cheater! Female! Reader Lemon

40. Eli x Half Russian-Japanese! Male! Reader

The tag and the next chapter will be released this week, I don't know when, I'm working on some private projects taking advantage of the time I got! Also if I miss a request let me know!

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