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Sydney's POV:

You know people either wake up happy or sad, I woke up angry cause my phone wouldn't stop dinging and it was annoying the living crap out of me and all I really wanted was to get that extra five minutes of sleep so I could at least look presentable in the morning rather than a zombie on crack but life... Yea it hates me. I sat up on the bed thinking that if it was Alex I'd kill her at school.

Mumbling to myself I unlocked the screen, scrunching up my nose and squeezing my eyes shut due to the light, quickly I turned the brightness all the way down and opening the texts, they were from the same unknown number, I swear to God I was so annoyed at the moment, I didn't even give two shits if my life was in danger or anything, they were annoying me so much! I opened the texts to see that they were pictures. Of me. Sleeping. But how? Everything was locked... I thought as I scrolled down the pictures tearing up as I did. After about ten or fifteen pictures there was a small text but it still managed to make the hairs on my body stand, the text read,

'I like it when you sleep, for you're so beautiful, yet so unaware of it ♡'

'But how? This was supposed to be a prank'
I thought
'and if it is, then they're doing a great job in scaring me'
I thought as I stood up and slowly walked to my window to find it open slightly. A shiver ran down my spine as I looked out the window to see a hooded figure standing underneath the unlit lamp post, it was too dark to make out the face but some of his hair was sticking out, he looked up and waved and I quickly shut the curtains in fear something would happen if I kept looking at him, just then I got another text

'Awe my princess just saw me. What do you think about me?'

I quickly took a screenshot of all the texts he sent me and blocked the number. I sat on my bed just crying, cause like you guys know that feeling when something bad is about to happen and you don't know when, hell you don't even know what!? Yea that's exactly how I felt and I just wanted all of it to stop.

Soon I got up and went to the bathroom and took a nice relaxing shower and then hopped in bed even though I only had 15 minutes left for the alarm to ring. Quickly my eyes closed and I slipped into a nice slumber.

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