Running from fear

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This is the first story I'm posting here and any feedback good or bad is welcome if you have any ideas for me please tell me I'm open to everything.

*WARNING there is attempted rape and abuse in this story its not for the faint of heart*

Chapter 1- Escaping-

I slammed my locker door shut hurrying out to my car, if I don't get home on time I'm going to be in a ton of trouble. "Lily!" I heard my name being called but I ignored them trying to get into my car before they could stop me.

"Lily! Hey wait up, I know you can hear me!" I sighed it was Jason he's been my best friend since can remember he's always been there for me during the good times and bad but sometimes he can really get on my nerves. I turned around and forced a smile that probably looked fake but right now I honestly don't care I'm in a bad mood. He sprinted across the parking lot and skidded to a holt in front of me trying to get his breathing under control as he was talking to me. "Hey... Lily... do you... have time to come over tonight?"

I bit my lip if I went over to his house I'd end up in even more trouble than I was now. I decided not to test my step dad tonight. You see my step dad has been beating me ever since my mom died. He comes home drunk and if I don't do everything just right he beats me.

"Sorry not tonight I have a ton of homework." I hated lying to him but if he found out what my step dad does to me he would tell someone and then I'd have to leave and probably never see him again and I'm tired of losing the people I care about.

His smile faded and he looked disappointed "Maybe another time then" I smiled "Yeah." Then without saying good bye I got into my car and drove home.

I ran up the porch steps and unlocked the door running up the stairs and into my small bedroom. The walls are navy blue and there is a bed and a cheap desk in the corner other wise it was completely bare.

I heard the front door bang open and the voices of my step brother and step dad coming up the stairs. I closed my eyes hoping they would pass by my room and go into their separate rooms. I had no such luck however. As they drew closer to my door they stopped talking and it heightened my fears. My body tensed as Eric my step father walked through the door followed closely by Craig. He had a smirk on his face and I know tonight was going to be bad. I was used to the threats and name calling but I don't think I'll ever get used to the beatings. I learned early on not to fight back just to let him do it and hope that he didn't kill me. Craig used to be the best brother you could ask for that was until my father finally broke his spirit and anything Eric says Craig does, and now he was just as bad as his father.

-I have to get out of here- I thought my head was spinning with hundreds of questions. Where will I go how will I get away? I was so consumed in my own thoughts that I wasn't paying attention to what Eric and Craig were doing. Then Craig's fist connected with my jaw making me fly back ward I bit my lip not letting myself scream. I wouldn't give either of them the satisfaction. Eric stepped forward and Craig sat down onmy bed smirking as he watched Eric beat the crap out of me. I doubled over as his fist went into my stomach I was gasping for air. He continued to hit me over and over again. I never let out a sound though and soon I began to lose consciousness. He stopped hitting me and picked me up throwing me roughly on the bed. Craig was standing next to his dad my head began to spin and their faces started to blur I tried to keep my eyes open but it was useless. I drifted into unconsciousness.

I woke up and looked around slowly. I was still in the same place as I was earlier. I shuddered and wrapped my arms around myself as I remembered how bad it had been last night. I sat up moaning as I felt all the pain going through my body. I stood and grabbed my duffle bad and began shoving cloths into it. I saw my cell phone laying across the room and I hurried over wincing slightly as I bent to pick it up. I opened it and saw that it was 11:30pm

-I have to get out of here now- I opened my door slowly. I had my duffle bag in one hand and my jacket in the other, I looked up and down the hall I saw Eric's door was closed which meant he was either to drunk to stand or he was asleep. I tiptoed past his door and hurried down the stairs limping slightly.

My hand was on the door knob when a cold voice said, "Where do you think you're going?" I froze but only for a second then I turned the knob and ran out the door. I could hear Craig chasing after me the pounding of my heart nearly drowned out all other sounds.

The forest came into view. Maybe I could lose him in there I knew I wouldn't be able to run much longer. The pain in me seemed to be getting worse with ever step that I took, my breaths came in gasps and with ever breath I drew in there was a sharp pain in my sides. I pushed the thoughts of the pain out of my head and started thinking of being away from them for good. This gave me the strength to keep running.

I started running faster trying to put more distance between me and Craig, I ran through the woods trying not to trip over tree roots as I got deeper into the woods.Branches left scratches across my arms were bruises were already present. I glanced back and could no longer see Craig.

I stopped and tried to get my breathing back to normal as I did I looked around taking in my surroundings. I was deeper in the forest that I have ever been and it was so dark I could barely make out the trees around me. I sadt down hoping I'd be able to get back up again. I leaned back against a tree. I closed my eyes tightly trying to block out everything that had just happened. The same question kept playing over and over in my head, "What will happen if they find me?" I didn't really want to think about it. I didn't want to think about how angry Eric was going to be when he found out I had runaway. A shiver ran through my body at the thought of it. I sighed feeling so tired I thought about going to sleep. I decided it wouldn't hurt if I got a little rest my eyes began to drift shut, I was on the verge of sleep when I heard a twig snap. I shot up barely noticing the pain in my side. I stood silently barely breathing as I looked around. It was probably just an animal. -Craig wouldn't still be looking for me would he?-

I knew that I was lying to myself thinking he had stopped looking for me. I decided it wasn't a good idea to stay in the same place just in case Craig was close by. I had barely taken a step forward when two hands grabbed me.

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