Chapter 6 (At the Cafe)

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Your POV~~~

I was standing at the door of the cafe hesitating to go inside or not. It was Saturday, one day after the incidence.

I was still not ready to face him even now. But some part of me wanted to listen to him. Listen to what he had to say. I wanted to have him as my friend forever, but only a friend was the problem. (actually, that was his problem😧)

I just stepped into the cafe stopping myself from drowning further in my thoughts and sighed as I saw him. He was so focused on his drink that he didn't even notice me approaching and was literally a little bit scared when I cleared my throat for his attention. I giggled a bit after seeing the sight in front of me. After seeing me he also smiled warmly showing his dimples.

Suddenly he realized what was happening and quickly stood up and said "please sit" while pulling a chair for me to sit. Quite a gentleman😂. I took a seat and he ordered a coffee for me. I was happy that we were at least talking.

I decided to start the conversation "So..." He knew what I was going to say but could not bring himself to answer me, therefore he continued to act dumb for a little time and said: "So?" I was surprised at his answer I was expecting he understood what I meant to say but anyways I continued the conversation "So about yesterday..."

At this point, RM could not play dumb anymore. He knew he had to say something or the situation and their friendship would worsen but he also knew that if he told you truth still the situation will not go the right way. He sighed deeply stared your eyes before speaking in his deep but calm voice

"I am really sorry about that Y/N. I didn't intend to do anything wrong but I just couldn't help it. I am happy that you stopped me in time. Its just I really like you since the beginning. It's not a stupid high school crush. I just really like you. Your personality is great and it makes me feel happy. I know you cannot return my feelings and our friendship is now on the verge of destroying but please do not think wrong about me. I would never harm you or force you. And will wait for you even if it takes years" He mumbled the last part to himself but I still heard it.

My eyes were widened by the sudden confession but deep inside I knew that how much I wanted this confession from someone else than RM. He himself knew that I cannot return his feelings but little did he know that I wanted this confession from one of his best friend.

I was really in shock not only by RM's words but by the fact that I realized that I liked Taehyung. 'Stop it Y/N it will only make things more awkward than they really are. You can't do this and destroy one other friendship nor do you have guts to lose one more friend' My inner voice ordered me. I was spacing out, looking at RM with wide eyes. He snapped his fingers and I came back to reality. "To the earth Y/N," I was taken a bit aback by realizing that I was still in the cafe with RM but I quickly composed my self.

I decided to respond "RM I understand your feeling and forgive you for what happened. But I also am deeply sorry I can't return your feelings. I know it hurts but you deserve someone better" My voice cracked at the end as I was fighting against tears. He places his hand on mine and comforted me "I hope this would not destroy our friendship then." I shook my head "No it won't" I knew it would be awkward at first but will get better.

He asked, "So can I expect you to be back at the library after the weekend". I nodded and smiled. There was no need of words right now. He smiled as well and we both drank our coffee. Then he walked me to my house. It was silent and quite journey, but I didn't mind it nor did he. As I reached my house I smiled and waved at him saying bye. He returned my smile, said bye and waved. Little did we know that someone was watching all our movements.

??? POV~~~

I watched as Namjoon and Y/N walked back to her house. I quickly hid and made sure no one sees me. They were walking back from what I suppose is cafe because it was in that direction. They seemed happy and smiling as they waved bye. This thought made my blood boil. What was going on in my head but I knew that I was attracted towards this girl and wanted her to be mine.


Who do you think this unknown person is? Well, it is quite obvious but still, I let it be a confusion between the two characters.😂😂  

I am so evil😂

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