unknown number

494 19 2


Sydney's POV:

'I hate people, I so hate people I FREAKING HATE PEOPLE'

were my thoughts as I left the school building.

Some dude ran into me and spilled their boiling hot coffee all over me and that's not even the worst part. He didn't even apologize!
'How nice was he?'
I rolled my eyes at my thoughts as I entered my house. No one was home, they never are, so I ran up the stairs while pulling my shirt off.

I took a long, relaxing shower and walked out to my room and changed into some comfy shorts and a tee-shirt. Just then my phone dinged signaling that I had a text. I opened it, it read

'Nice to know you got home safe, princess. Did the coffee hurt?? And close your curtains before you change, princess. Thanks for the show ;) '

Umm.... Now that's what I call creepy. I ran to my window and looked outside to see no one. I quickly closed the curtains and hoped that it was just a prank and no one actually saw me change.
'But he knew about the coffee incident'
my mind told me and I started freaking out but then came to the conclusion that it must be someone from school or even Alex.

I walked to the living room and put on a movie and sat down.

It was 9pm when my parents returned home.
"Sydney!  We're home"
I heard my mum yell and I went to the door to greet them. I made pasta for dinner and we ate talking about our day and all.

I walked to my room barely being able to keep my eyes open and brushed my teeth and changed making sure the curtains were drawn. Just then I got another text, it read

'Awe man, you closed your curtains,
Ah well, maybe another time, goodnight princess, sleep tight and keep your windows locked ;) '

I guess it's safe to say that I was scared now, like actually freaking scared. I didn't know what to do nor did I know how to react. I sat on my bed just thinking maybe that it was just a prank which would soon stop or maybe someone was actually watching me. But I was sure no one was like you know watching me cause, why would they? I'm not rich, pretty and I don't owe anything to anyone.

Soon I fell into an uncomfortable sleep, a sleep where you're aware of everything and you'd wake up due to any type of sound.

I'm sure, if you've been following me for long enough, you know I published this book so long ago but I'm republishing it cause I deleted the book due to some reasons and now I was beating myself up for removing it. Anyway please vote and comment what you think. Tell me all the flaws so I can fix them and hopefully make this better. Love you all♡

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