Chapter 6

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I took a deep breath. I better hurry up.
I ran towards my counter.

"You sure took your time." Leona said as soon as I reached.
"Leona! Something came up so I have to go. Sorry!" I said taking my purse.
"It's ok, it must be important, don't worry about here and just go. But, take care and call me when you can." she said.
"Thanks. And please tell the boss about it too." I said and hurried to leave the mall without waiting to listen to her reply.

I waved for the taxi and sat inside telling him the address to Charles's institute.
I should call him before reaching.

He picked up on the third ring. His phone must be on silent.
"Hello! Julia!" he whispered into the phone.
"Sorry to call when you are in class." I said into the phone. I really don't want to hinder his studies which are really important for him right now.
"What's the matter? I know there is something wrong otherwise you wouldn't have called me." he whispered. I can sense the worriedness in his voice. 
"It's nothing to worry about but I have something urgent to talk to you, so I am coming over to your institute." I said in a calm tone.
"What??!!!" he said alert. 
I guess I made him even more worried. Guess a calm voice could not do anything when I am visiting him suddenly leaving my work.

"Aaaaaa" he cried in pain. Oh no!!!! What happened to him????? 
"CHARLES!!! What happened??!!!" I said into the phone.
"Please drive fast." I said to the driver while he nodded his head.

"What's wrong???"


"My stomach hurts."

"Does it hurt a lot??"

"Yes!!! Aaaaa..." 

"Let's take him to the hospital!"

"No, you don't have to worry about that. I already told my friend to come and take me to the hospital. She must be reaching any minute."


"Just help me to the entrance so that I can go with her from there."

I heard the whole commotion on the phone being worried but I think he is faking just to get out of there and meet me. Geez... this guy will be the death of me!! 

"We have reached." said the driver.
I got out and told him to wait for a minute till I bring my friend.
As I was about to cross the entrance gate, I saw Charles walking towards me with his friends helping him.
"Charles!" I said and ran towards him. Even if he is faking it, I am still concerned, what if he actually is in pain, I cannot take any chance.
They helped him sit inside the taxi and closed the door.
"He seems to be in great pain. Take him to the hospital and tell him to rest." one of the guys told me.
I nodded my head.
"Thanks for bringing him here." I gave them my thanks and hurried to the other door.
"Give us a call to tell his condition." another one said and I nodded sitting inside.
The driver started the engine and we took off on the road.

Charles started laughing loudly.
I looked at him angrily.
"You are laughing? Do you know how worried I was?? I am gonna kill you!!!" I said beating his shoulders lightly with my palms.
"Sorry sorry. But I was more worried about you when you called me. What's the matter?" he asked with a serious face.
"Let's go home first." I said sighing.
Charles told the driver our address while I tried forming right words in my mind to tell him.

"So, that guy asked you to be Zack's nanny and Zack stopped eating and have been crying just to meet you." he said after I told him what happened today after reaching home.
"I am really sorry Charles. I didn't even talk to you about it and just took the offer. I really am sorry." I apologized to him.
"Hey... you don't need to say sorry and I would have told you to do the same thing. Zack is a kid and he lost his mom just a few months ago, it's really understandable that he mistook you to be his mom and so he wants to be with you. It was the right decision to take up the job." he said and smiled at me.
"But, leaving you here alone that too when you came here to live with me and when you..." I was saying when he just hugged me.
"I can take care of myself but Zack can't and he needs you way more than I do." he said to me.

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