ch.1 Jean Manqué

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(A/N sorry for those with her name... If her description matches yours, I'm so sorry I have nothing against people with her description, maybe something for girls with her personality though... )

Hiya girls! Queen Jean here!

FYI, I am the queen bee at my school, TJAS.

I've got Strawberry blond hair (dyed) crystal grey eyes (contacts) and I am really tanned. (fake) I originally was the nerdiest girl in all of TJAS, but voila, here I am ruling the world.

I have dated and slept with every guy in the school except one. Which is a bummer considering how hot he is. He's got sea green eyes that you just melt in to, he's really tall and has a tan which doesn't look fake at all. He always wears T-shirts which has either Nemo or Ariel on it. Only a few guys can pull off that look with such childish clothing, and oh those Abs!!! *squeals* 

Anyway, where was I, oh yes, well his name is Percy Jackson.  And he is going to be mine very soon, so honey, don't even try and steal him.

We have a prom coming up, which was decided to be sea themed. Percy was so happy about this. Aww, and I am waiting for him to invite me.

We have Greek mythology next which I sat next to Percy for. Greek mythology was so boring, we had to learn it because the 'Gods' revealed themselves last month, we had to learn all of these monsters and gods and blah blah blah, well Percy aced it.  we had a fun quiz which was 'so fun'.


1. Name all 12 of the Olympian Gods.

Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Atlas, Kronos, Eros, Hestia, Aphrodite, Hermes, Iris, Athena, Ares 

2. Name at least 2 of what Apollo is the god of.

music, love

3. Which God/Goddess is the God/Goddess of War?


4. What is Hecate the goddess of? Name every one you can think of.


5. What is Hades the god of?



I aced the test. Our teacher, Mr Connors marked them and gave them back.

What!! I got 8 out of 18, and a C- I was supposed to get 18!! I sneaked a look at Percy's his was written in a different language but I noticed that he got 18 out of 18, an A+!! 

I gave my best alluring voice and said,

''Percykins, can you tell me what the answers where? The teachers being mean and marked mine as wrong! Obviously, they're all right!''

He stared at me with those gorgeous eyes and sighed. 

''The Olympian gods are Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, Ares, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Demeter, Hermes and Dionysus.  Apollo is the god of Music, Archery, Prophecies, Poems, and Medicine.'' He scrunched his face up in a cute way when he said Poetry, I wonder why?

''The god of war is Ares, and Hecate is the goddess of magic and crossroads. That's why you only got half a mark. The god of death is Thanatos, not Hades. Hades is the god of the underworld and precious metals.''

By now the whole class was listening.

''Bravo Percy, bravo. You won't get any homework.'' Said Mr Connors. Percy looked really happy.

The bell rang and I headed to the cafeteria with my Slav- oops, Friends.
Percy was looking at the students who were eating some sushi disgustingly. I strutted over to him (lol, more like slutted) and asked, because if I didn't, some other slut might take him.
I knew he had a 'girlfriend' but I've never seen her and besides I'm more beautiful than her. I can already tell.  

''Percykins? Who are you going to ask out for the prom? I've got no one to go with. ''

''Oh I'm sorry Jean! I've already invited my girlfriend for it''

''Well dump her! I bet I'm more beautiful than her! besides, everyone knows that your 'girlfriend' isn't real. No one's ever seen her before!''

He glared at me for that. Wait what!

''She's coming to pick me up after school today. You can decide if she's real or not then.''

The whole school was buzzing with excitement.

I stormed off with my 'friends' as they tried to cheer me up.

-time skip to the end of the day-

The whole school had gathered around the main entrance to see who Percy's imaginary girlfriend looked like.

A grey Maserati came. It stopped smoothly. Out came a girl who was drop-dead gorgeous. I had to admit, maybe more than me.  All the guys were looking at her drooling.

Percy rushed toward her and said, ''Wise girl!!'' and grabbed her hips and twirled her around, let her down and kissed her on the lips. (ooh hips and lips that rhymes!)

They went into the car and drove off leaving the school gaping at the now empty carpark.

And that was how I met Percabeth

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