Prologue: Arrival to a new world and universe

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Jaune Arc was the former leader of Team JNPR, and former student of beacon and now a Shipmaster of the CAS called the "Crocea Mors' Bane" and a Fleet master of his own fleet called "Arc of faith" accompanied by only four CCS-class battlecruisers. He was the first human to be in the Covenant ranks and respected by his crew embers and his fellow Shipmasters in the CCS-class battlecruisers and he was trained by a Zealot named Vuko 'Lokam.

You may be wondering how Jaune held that position in the first place? Well it happened when his bully, Cardin reveals Jaune's secret of his transcript to everyone in Beacon, due to this everyone in Beacon has been tormenting him, harassing him and bullying him, even his own team and his friends. Ruby has been ignoring and avoiding Jaune, Weiss has been a scorn to Jaune and has become more bitchy to Jaune, Blake remained indifferent while Yang threaten to kill him if he comes near to Ruby, Ren and Nora remained neutral, and Pyrrha hasn't spoken to him, and heck his own team locked him out of their own room once and has to sleep in the bathroom stalls. During sparring student attempts to kill him, but Glynda was there to save him in time. Ozpin constantly reminds everyone that he still keeps Jaune because he sees great potential in him and the Beacon staff are the only ones that cares for him.

But Jaune had enough, he has given up his dream to be an huntsman, he realized he doesn't belong here so he waited to confront Cardin. When he confronted Cardin, he beat the living crap out of him, also hitting him where "the sun don't shine" six times. After his confrontation he ran off with his Crocea Mors, but he didn't bring his scroll with him because he doesn't want to be in the risk of being tracked.


After he left Beacon, he stumbled upon a town that is being attacked by Grimm. Even though he gave up his dream to be a huntsman and hero, he won't let the townspeople be eaten or bevripped apart by these soulless creatures. So he charged in and start helping evacuating everyone from the Grimm threat. During the evacuation the Bullheads have already left with citizens, but unfortunately Jaune was left behind. He ditched the Crocea Mors for a gun, he'd rather face his enemies with anything he could use than just Sword and a Sheild. He was able to hold his ground, but he ran out of ammo and is on the run with Grimms on his tail

While he ran away as fast as he can, he stumbles on a strange structure that looks foreign to Remnant, he decided to enter the dome-like-structure and forced the door shut barricading himself inside and sighed in relief. While inside the strange building, he turned on his flashlight, that was in his pocket, and the only thing that was in the room is a strange device.

"Huh? What's this place?" Jaune said curiously, as he approaches it cautiously he touches it and the whole room lit up, it soon dimmed again, but many bright lights begun to illuminate room and they begin to show holograms of planets and Solar Systems. Jaune sighed in awe as he looks at the hologram.

(Something like this)

(Something like this)

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