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                Becca and I decided to spend the day together since the guys had to do an interview. “So that was some party.” Becca said taking a drink of her monster. “Yeah it was. That was so sweet of the guys to do that for us.” I said eating some popcorn. “So how are things with you and Andy?” I asked her. “Great! He got me a puppy a few weeks ago for our anniversary. “She said pulling out her phone and showing me a picture of her new puppy. “Aw it’s so cute! What’s its name?” I asked her. “Her name is Angel and she is a terrier.” Becca said smiling. “Oh by the way, when you were talking to Zacky and Gena, I saw Ashley talking to some chick and they were smiling at each other. Is everything ok between you guys?” she asked me. “Yeah everything is ok Becca. I’ll have to talk to Ashley about it when the guys come over.” I said. A few minutes later, the guys came over, and Ashley saw that I didn’t look happy. “Stella what’s wrong? You look upset or something.” Ashley asked me as he tried to wrap his arms around me. “Not really. I need to talk to you upstairs in my room.”I said getting up, pulling Ashley.

                When we got upstairs, Ashley closed the door behind us as I sat down on the bed. “Ok what did you want to talk about?” Ashley asked me as he sat down next to me. “Well Becca told me that while I was talking to Zacky and Gena, that she saw you talking and smiling at some blonde haired chick and that you guys looked quite comfortable with each other. Ashley who is she to you?” I asked with a sad look in my eyes. “Babe that was Stephanie, my ex girlfriend and James’ best friend.” He explained to me. “So nothing happened between you guys right?” I asked him. “Babe I love you too much to never cheat on you. The reason I broke up with her is because I caught her cheating in my house in my bed when I came home early from tour. Stella you mean the world to me and I hope that we are together for the rest of our lives because I only want you.” Ashley said kissing my lips. “I love you so much Ashley.” I said pressing my forehead against his. “I love you too and don’t ever doubt that.” Ashley said smiling at me.

                We came back downstairs smiling and holding hands. “So everything ok?” Andy asked. “Yeah everything’s good. I was just worried that Ashley was cheating on me with that Stephanie chick.” I said giving him a reassuring smile. “Oh that’s good. YAY EVERYBODY’S HAPPY!!” C.C. said waving his arms around. “Geez C.C. I don’t understand how you can always be this perky.” I said shaking my head and giggling. “You said perky.” Ashley said smirking. “Shut up babe.” I said smacking his arm. “You know you love it.”Ashley said smiling. “Not really.” I said sticking my tongue out. I loved messing around with him like that, and everything seemed like it was perfect, but drama seemed right around the corner.

                A few days later, Ashley and I decided to go out to lunch. As we sat and talked, we were approached by some chick with blonde hair. “Hey Ashley! Nice seeing you again! How are you?” the girl asked him. “Oh I’m good. Stella this is Stephanie, the girl I was telling you about.” Ashley said introducing us. “Nice to meet you.” I said smiling and shaking her hand. “Oh it’s nice to meet you too.” She said shaking my hand. “Well I’ll let you guys go. Nice to see you again Ashley.” Stephanie said walking off. “Well she seems nice.” I said taking a sip of my water. “Now she is but back when I was with her, she was a bitch to fans who just wanted a hug or an autograph.” Ashley said shrugging. “Wow that’s fucked up.” I said shaking my head. “Yeah but whatever. I have you now and I love you and that’s all that matters.” Ashley said smiling at me. “Ashley you are so perfect and I’m lucky to have you.” I said walking over to him and kissing his cheek. “No I’m not perfect, you’re perfect.” Ashley said giving me a hug.

                When I got home, I changed into some sweats and one of Ashley’s shirts that he left at my house and watched some tv. I heard my phone blast Legacy, letting me know I have a phone call. I noticed it was an unknown number so I wondered who it was as I answered it. “Hello? Who is this?” I asked. “Doesn’t matter who I am.  Ashley doesn’t love you. He has been cheating on you for the last month.” The voice on the other end said. “No that’s not true. He loves me too much to do that to me and he gave me his word that he would never do that to me. Now how the fuck did you get my number?” I asked the caller. “None of your business.” The caller said before hanging up. It sounded like Stephanie, but I wasn’t too sure if it was really her or not. I have to change my number and I have to tell the others what happened and it really did make me question if it was really true or not.

What is gonna happen next? Will Stella ever find out who the mystery caller is? Is Ashley really cheating on her? Stay tuned and find out! XOXO, Kristan

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