Chapter Two Into The Missing

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You sang a small song in your head as the old mop swept across the dark wood. You had been trying to block out the cries of yet another child sent down to the basement. As you had been one of the oldest children you were accountable for cleaning the unfavorable places, one of the places being the entry to the basement. 

You kept your head down while you worked wanting not to get involved with something that could get you into trouble. It was called the "By Stander Effect"  it's when no one does anything when someone else is hurting in order to not get involved. You had read about it in a book that was somewhere in the library. Reactions of people had always interested you. So when you wanted to learn why no one was coming to save the lost souls stuck in such a hopeless place you decided to research. Adults were selfish and only worried about their own lives. This had to be why your entire life is stuck.

You grabbed a scrub brush and went to work scrubbing the floor behind the door. As you were lost in thought scrubbing the floor on all fours, it swung open fast! The handle had collided with your forehead and you fell to the ground. You hadn't understood what had happened until mole stuck his head out from around the open door. "Oh my dear (y/n) How unfortunate to tarnish that beautiful face of yours. Come, Come" he said speaking in a high pitched voice with a large Cheshire grin. His teeth were yellow and pointed like a rats. He held his hand out for you to grab. 

Nerves had caused you to draw a blank, but soon you overcame that and breathed out a gasp of air, you hadn't realized you'd been holding it in. You grabbed his cold clammy hands and got up. "Now, follow" as he had said this he turned his back to you and began to walk down stairs. You swallowed as heat rose to your head and you could feel the pit of your stomach drop. 

He lead you into the room that you had once cleaned and you gripped your mop tighter than before. He kept walking you further into the dungeon and he opened the door. It had lead to a corridor with many metal cells on each side. Each like that of a padded room. You could clearly hear people crying out for water, help... their parents anyone and all who would listen. Keeping your head down you followed the rat like man to a door that had blood seeping out from under it. 

"Please make sure to make it spark. Water is down the hall." He said pointing to the far end of the hallway where a rusty faucet stuck out from the tiled wall. "Oh and with the other parts there is a hole in the wall on the second to last door. It should be open" The male said leaning back to try and see that far down. He groaned and walked towards the door that was shut. He unlocked it with a defining click. Once done he pushed open the door to the room you were to clean and smirked at his work. 

Inside was a once white room, the walls and floors were tiled and a single hanging light bulb drooped from the ceiling. It was bright enough to show the disgusting sight below. A choke arose in your throat as you almost threw up. 

Smeared along the walls and floor was what remained of a small child. Quickly you swallowed the ball in your throat and became strait faced once more. "Understood" You said quietly to the man. He let out a humph before disappearing behind the door and walked to the door leading to the exit.

You pulled your (h/c) hair back and got to work. It took a while to clear out the... chunks of a small human, you placed the parts into the bucket before struggling to carry them over to the open room. As soon as you could see the door a rank odor filled the air. You could feel as your stomach began to rumble, mouth growing dry, you threw up. 

After finishing the task you grabbed the bucket and filled it with water. You waddled trying to bring the large bucket to the room. Just as you were about to reach the room a hand reached out from under one of the doors and grabbed your (s/c) ankle. You yelped as the water splashed out of the bucket and under the nearest doors. You could hear as tongues lapped at the wetted tiles. under multiple stalls hands had reached through the feeding holes that opened from the bottom of the door trying to coax the water into their cells. 

Your leg was released from the hold of whoever had grabbed you and you scrambled to get to a wall where none of the hands could reach you. Your hair had fallen out of its ponytail and into your face making you seem bewildered and scared, which was accurate in this moment. You tucked your legs as close to you as you could and waited for the sounds to stop. Your dress was soaked in a layer of dirt, blood and water. Adding a further layer of dirtiness to the all ready disgusting garments.

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