Reincarnation, and another and another.........AND ANOTHER ONE?! Part 1

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"Angry/Serious or Demonic/Threatening voice"

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They now call the Rokudo couples mama and papa😄

~Now let us start~

It's been a year and 6 months when they rescued Ryomei. In this past year they have already explained what happened to them and that they are reincarnated to the Rokudo couples and also that they are finding their other family members. They expected to be thrown out of the household but instead the loving couple believe them and still accepted them willingly, saying that they we're happy is not enough to describe it.

Also in this past year they sense the presence of the other members of their family being reborn, here are the dates:

April 24, XXXX

June 16, XXXX

September 9, XXXX

October 14, XXXX

They are getting restless today because they felt that those 4 have already been abandoned and they thought that they already became street rats(is this the right term?) and that thought makes their hopes up because they thought they can find them in no time, but they were wrong. They still can't find the four of them and right now they are having a meeting.(wao I use so much thoughts)

~Meeting- Rokudo Household living room~


No one dared to speak because of the chilly atmosphere they are spreading even though they don't want to, but they can't help but emit it because just thinking of their friend/family suffering makes their blood boil.

Not until..........

"HOW ARE WE GOING TO FIND THEM TO THE EXTREME!!!!" A feminine yet loud voice said and as if on cue they all cover their poor ears to prevent their eardrum to explode from the loud voice.

"Kufufu, can't you lower your voice in just a day? Ryomei?!" Said a girl with a pineapple hairdo.

"I'M SORRY MIKARU BUT I CAN'T TO THE EXTREME!" The girl now known as Ryomei said/yell.

"Hn, loud-herbivore shut up" a girl with intimidating gray eyes and jet black long hair said.

"Kufufu, I see Keiya is losing her patients~" Mikaru teased the girl now known as Keiya. And this angered the said girl.

"Hn, pineapple-herbivore I'll bite you to death" and with that the girl make its way to her fighting stance and a pair of tonfa magically appeared out of no where.

A vein makes it's way in Mikaru's forehead, and with that she summoned her trident and launch an attack to the girl and they started fighting.

"Wha--- ca-calm down you guys, Reborn help me calm them down" a girl with blond hair said and get in between the two fighting fanatics way.

"EXTREME FIGHTING!" The girl said cheering the fighter fanatics duo.

'wrong move dame-Diana' the boy that is sipping espresso in the chair thought.

And suddenly a loud shriek was heard "Gyaaaaaaa!?" The blond girl that is named Diana shriek as a pair of tonfa and a trident clash in her poor body.

"Whyyyyy~~~  does this happens to me???!!!!!!" She said with anime tears streaming down her cheeks and then *thud* a K.O Diana is on the floor ×.×

"EXTREME DIANA IS KNOCK OUT!!!" Said Ryomei as she punch the air.

"*sign* once a dame will always be a dame" the boy now finished drinking his espresso said.

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