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*Ren's POV*

The chamber Grace has been keeping me in is dimly lit, the flame from the candles casting dancing shadows against the dirt covered walls. I am still bound and my limbs ache with the desire to move freely and not be limited in their movement. I wonder how long I had been held captive by the creative succubus, but with no windows I am not able to keep track of the days. My stomach grumbles and I wonder when one of Grace's servants whoever the hell they are- is going to bring me my next meal. My mealtimes are not regular, at times it is as if I am overfed and then others, like now, when I am left wondering if I am going to receive my next meal or if I am going to starve and rot down here.

Suddenly, I realized one the shadows dancing on the wall wasn't from a flame. A person had slithered into the entrance and was approaching my restrained form. I try not to show fear, for I have no clue who or what will be entering my chamber, but my body immediately reacts with fear. Is it Grace and my tempter? A servant to bring my food? My family finally able to rescue me? Or death finally approaching? I close my eyes, a habit I have adapted, out of fear of the unknown and wait for whatever is to come.

"Hey," a familiar voice announced. "There is no need to be afraid. I just came to see you." Slowly, I cracked my eye open. The voice matched the face. It was Ronan. The sturdy male was wrapped in a blanket and held a tray out to me, as if I could just reach for it without meeting the resistance of metal. However frustrated I felt, I was relieved to see him. He seemed to be the only touch of humanity I had experienced during my stay in Hotel Succubus, despite the confusing way my body acted towards him.

I just stare at the bronzed beauty, his eyes full of compassion and concern, always, even when he has my most sensitive parts in his grasp. He understands what I am enduring. Maybe he is the only person who has been in my position. "I brought you some food," Ronan placed the tray down beside me. The meal smelled and appeared rancid, surely not edible, however my stomach flip flopped excitedly at the thought of it being filled with something, anything. "I know it isn't the best, but at least it's something, you know?"

"Thanks," I mumble as Ronan steadily starts feeding me as if I were a child. They do not trust me enough to have my ties loosened enough so that I could feed myself. In between bites I ask: "Why are you here? Usually one of Grace's servants comes and feed's me my meal."

"I am a servant."

"Yeah," I agreed, "but you are a different type of servant... You are a -"

"What? A sexual servant? That is not the only thing that dictates my worth here, Renier Ford," Ronan sneered.

"Sure. It's just I have only seen you serving Grace in a particular way, so I guess I just assumed... I am sorry."

Ronan peered at me with calculating eyes, his appearance solemn yet distraught. "Well, that is what you get for assuming. But your apology is accepted."

We sat together, as an awkward silence draped the room. The only sound to be heard is of our breathing and the mush that was being fed to me being moved around in the bowl as Ronan gathered an adequate spoonful. "How did you end up here," I ask after swallowing the pile of slop being fed to me.

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