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--- It was the day before our graduation fieldtrip. No more school ever. I couldn't afford collage and I all ready knew I'd own the family "business" after dad retired. 

The "business" was the place to be. My future looked great. This was it. I was ecstatic. 

My phone vibrated. It was an instant message from Sierra reading, "Hey you packed yet?" 

"Damn, I forgot to pack." I said out loud neglecting Sierra's text. Sierra's dad is in the business as well. He joined after his wife was murdered. Ever since, Sierra and I became close acquaintances. We had something in common so we watched each others backs. 

I remembered that I needed to pack. I should probably get to that I thought. I grabbed a suitcase out of my closet and I began to grab my makeup, toiletries, an excessive variety of clothes, and some shoes. I put my Ipod in the wall charger so it won't die. Then I grabbed my phone and put it in it's charger as well. I picked out a purse that matched every outfit, then began to stuff it with everything my suitcase refused to hold. After about one solid hour of packing I was satisfied. I laid on my bed a little restless now, after packing. 

"Nomie!" my step mom called. 

Ugh, I hate that squeaky voice, it could only belong to the world's most vile being. My father even disliked her, he wished ever so much to do away with her for good, but he needed her now. 

She was the reason my dad's "business" was still up and running. Oh I should mention.. My dad is sort of like the anti-FBI. In a lighter sense he is more like a cold blood killer, and he is my role model. Don't get me wrong. He doesn't kill just any random person he sees nor do I, in fact I've never killed anyone. He kills people who have done him wrong, and all the people that helped them cause him pain. He was not very well liked, but I understood him. He did everything for a reason. He never listened to the laws. He ran from the FBI and now we are here in Florida on the run. We have been here for two years, and our business traveled any where and every where we went. 

"Nomie! Jesus you little brat I called you like ten minutes ago!" Stepmother called. 

"Shut-up you little twit I'm coming." I said in reply. I got off my bed and walked to the door, opening it then I walked past her. She was furious. I scoffed, and said "Nice face." looking back at her. Her eyebrows were all scrunched and her eyes were closed, her whole face was contoured.  

She stuttered, and said, "W-w-ell jump off a cliff." 

" After you." I replied laughing so hard I thought I was about to pee my pants. 

This made her infuriated, and she stormed off. FAIL. I thought. 

I walked down stairs to eat dinner, assuming that's what stepmother Crystal annoyed me over. 

**After dinner i stumbled to bed and drifted into sleep. 

My alarm clock rang playing the ending of a Miley Cyrus song. 

Keep on moving, keep climbing 

Keep the faith, baby 

It's all about, it's all about the climb 

Keep the faith, keep your faith, whoa 

"Goooood morning radio listeners it's five thirty in the morning and we are up in the city preparing for our first radio session broadcasting on televis-" 

My hand flew to the radio's off button and smashed it. Great way to begin my morning, listening to this crap song, I mentally thought. 

I pushed the covers of my warm body, and began my way to the shower.  

Finally, life will get interesting. 

I walked to my bathroom and noticed the door was closed-locked and the light was on.  

"Dad is that you, hurry up and get out!" I screamed frustrated I will be delayed now. 

To my surprise step mother called, "I'm not dad, and for a rebuttal to your second statement, I will take my time to get out- I'm just on the pre-rinse!" 

Shit, of course it would be her. 

I thought for a moment finally coming up with a nice idea. 

"Ok!" a mischievous smile spread over my face. 

I could tell she was confused at my politeness because she failed to reply. 

I crept into dad's room and let him in on my little plan.  

He laughed and walked to the half bathroom downstairs, and I walked to the kitchen. 

"Ready honey?" dad asked. 

"Of course, on three!" I replied. 

We counted to three and I turned on the dishwasher, the sink and the purifying water spout- as dad flushed the toilet turned the bathroom sink on and started the water. 

We both busted in to laughter when we heard Crystal shriek.  

The shower turned off and she ran down stairs in nothing but her towel hair still bubbly with shampoo.  

I looked at her and smiled a warm sarcastic smile and ran upstairs to take a quick shower. 


I ran into my room before Crystal could come in and complain about my "wrong doing" 

Then turned on the blow dryer. 

After finishing with my hair and make up I moved to my closet to pick out a cozy outfit for the graduation trip to Savannah, Georgia. 

After deciding on some Abercrombie cheerleading shorts, a matching white and blue shirt and some white flip flops.  

Satisfied, I grabbed my bags and walked to the kitchen to say goodbye to dad.  

Unluckily for me Crystal was sitting next to dad, dressed and all bubbles out of her hair. 

I laughed silently at that memory. 

Dad had a water bottle and a granola bar in his hand waiting to give it to me for my breakfast.  

I walked over to him taking my breakfast and thanked him. Crystal sent me glares the entire time as I did this. Of course, I returned them. 

"Bye dad, be safe." I said with a knowing wink at the end.  

"Cya in four days, oh and trust me I always am." he laughed and hugged me. 

I waved and began to walk out the door when Crystal grabbed my biggest bag and carried it. 

I stared at her for a moment trying to figure out what she was up to but gave up and walked us to my car. We settled the bags in the back and she went to give me a hug as I stood there awkwardly confused.  

"Remember who's keeping your sorry ass alive." Crystal whispered so quietly it was barely audible. 

I pretended to look shocked and angry, it worked. 

Crystal smiled like she had won. I watched her walk back into the house. 

" I can't wait until dad kills you." I muttered under my breath. I recovered from the previous events and walked to the drivers side and climbed in my car.

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