Red Crown

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Joseph POV

"You sure about this man?" Teddy asked for the thousandth time as Randy dangled the bottle of pills in my face.

Feeling the nagging pain pulse across my shoulder, I knew that I had already made up my mind.

"Yeah," I cleared my throat standing up and taking the pills from Randy.

We were in the locker room getting ready for practice right before the scouts game tomorrow.

"I gotta say I'm surprised Anoa'i. I would have never taken you as the steroids type of  guy," Cody joked as Randy and Teddy laughed a long with him.

He was right.

Normally I would condemn anybody that would take anything to help them play better.

"First of all we both know these aren't steroids so cut that shit out," I snapped getting tired of their comments.

"My shoulder is fucking killing me because you thought it was a good idea to steal a fucking bus," I growled out shoving the pills in my gym locker. Ever since the accident I had fucked up my shoulder.

"Alright chill man," Cody surrendered putting his hands up smirking before shoving them in his pockets.

"It's just normally you wouldn't take that shit. No matter how much pain you're in. What changed Joe?" Randy asked curiously as he sat on the bench in front of me.

He was right.

Normally I would have dealt with it and played through the pain. But I've been struggling with a few tackles because of the nagging pain in my shoulder and right I now was the worst possible time to get injured.

I couldn't play my best if I wasn't  feeling one hundred percent. But I had to play because this was my shot to impress the NFL scouts.

If I were to get drafted then me and Stacey would be set. My Dad won't be as mad when I tell him about the baby if I'm about to play for the NFL.

"Things change," I shrugged closing up my locker.

If I can play my best tomorrow, I can provide for my son and Stacey.

My family will be happy and my father will finally proud of me....

*                               *                               *                          *

                *                                  *                              *

My eyes shot wide open as I woke up yet again in a cold sweat.

Groaning a bit I threw the covers off my body realizing that I was just dreaming about the past again.

I glanced at the alarm clock on my nightstand grumbling a few curse words realizing that it was only five in the morning.

These dreams were getting on my damn nerves. I haven't gotten decent night of sleep since starting at the school. At first I thought that maybe my old memories were resurfacing because I was back at that place.

But they had stopped for a while till Stacey came back in full force.

I rubbed the lack of sleep from my eyes and got up from the sweat drenched sheets heading to the bathroom deciding to shower instead of reliving my worst moments by going back to sleep.

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