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Bloomers I'm back! Hopefully y'all won't kill me for being late again. Just expect me from now until the end to have random updates because I have no time for anything any more. I just work and then sleep and then do it all over again the next day. Y'all don't care about my rant, y'all just want the next chapter so here it is... 

“Get your filthy paws off me!” I continue to scream down the hall as Ben carries me like a sack of flour. I’m not going to lie, this view allowed me a nice view of his ass. Ugh! Why am I thinking about this? “Ben! Drop me now!” I turn my head to side to get better access to his ear; that sure had to hurt. He flinched a bit, but just continued on his way, Men! I decided to start kicking my legs and banging my fists against his back, but he didn’t seemed fazed at all. What is this man made of steel or something? “Ben! Put me the F down! You act all big and bad, but you’re nothing, but a bully. You go around intimidating others without the slightest regard for their feelings. And don’t tell me you don’t do it, because you do. You did it to me and now you’re doing it to Brett. Brett is a lovely wonderful person who had no choice in the matter of attacking me, his Alpha forced him. And if you don’t get off of your high horse Zander will leave your pack … and so will I.” I state but delay the last part because I was worried that he might get all possessive Alpha on me.

He clearly heard the last part because he froze in the middle of the hallway. “What did you say?” He asks with a tone that clearly meant ‘don’t fuck with me’. He also dropped me, literally straight down, on the floor. My butt, as well as I, was pissed off with him.

I rubbed my butt as I got off from the ground. That really hurt! At first I wasn’t going to answer him back, but decided I had a better idea. “I … said … I … will … leave … if … you … don’t … let … Brett … stay. “ I say as if I was talking to a baby that I knew would just piss him off more.

I add an extra smile at the end that just sent him over the edge. “No you won’t!” He steps forward trapping me against the wall. “Do you know how long it took me to get you back here?” He yells inches from my face as his eyes turned from a mossy green to a midnight black.

I lay my hands against his chest as I use all my force to push him away. “Yeah I do! And I’m not some possession that you can keep locked up!” I answer pissed off at the way he is acting. He needs to learn how to get in control of his wolf.

“I know that!” He says as he backs away from me as he closes his eyes and rubs the top of his noses. Then takes a deep breath, and looks up at me as his eyes change back, before continuing. “Do you know why I don’t want that fucker here?” he questions as he points in the direction that we just came from.

“No, apparently I don’t. And let’s straighten out something, his name is Brett.” I voice before continuing. “He is just one wolf, who couldn’t even harm a fly. Plus he is Zander’s mate.” I point out as I try to reason with him.  

“I don’t trust him. What if he is still in communication with his old Alpha? What if there planning an attack.” He mentions, by bringing up logically explanations, but I know they are all false. Brett opened up to me, I know him. He would rather spy for our pack than his old one.

“He’s not.” I calmly tell him as I walk closer to him. “Ben you have to trust me on this.” I lightly touch his shoulder, which immediately sends sparks up my arm. Why must a simple gesture turn into an intimate moment?

I knew he felt it too because he quickly moved his eyes over to where I was touching him then moved them back up to me. “I … all right.” He sighs in defeat. “But I will have security on him at all times. If anything comes back suspicious he is out.” He demands as I nod my head ecstatically in agreement.  

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