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Moonbyuls pov

This day was a bad day...I had a fight with my parents and i hate when im fighting with my parents...Probably the worst feeling ever ...Tears ran down my face i couldn't study i couldn't do anything...I felt utterly weak. I wanted to die that moment

I was sitting in my cold room,crying
and then
she knocked on my door and entered the room
she saw me down on floor and i looked up and my eyes were locked on her...she came down to me and hugged me...This hug was the best thing ever...Her soft embrace, Her vanilla scent...SHe was my first girl and with her carefull hand, she whipped down the tears that run down my face

Yongsuns pov

on the first day
i was passing by Moonbyuls apartment ...so i went upstairs to see her... i was infront of the doors when i heard sobbing and crying...the doors were unlocked so i knocked and got in i saw her down on floor..why is she crying now?
I looked down at her and her eyes looked up at me .. i kneeled down and hugged her..and i whipped the tears that ran down her face

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