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Moonbyuls pov

4 days passed...Me and Yongsun grew a lot as friends...SHe is really mysterious and thats what i love about her and she is the only person that likxes rose flavored coffee...I may have feelings for her but i dont know if she feels the same

Yongsun pov

From the first day i saw her i knew she was the one.
SHe stared at my eyes and smiled...
Her scent of Wild roses and her rosy lips ...
They were all so precious to me

im gonna start counting days from nxt chapter so if u see first day,second day,third day... Its not like from their beginning like you saw here (4days passed) Like its continuing like 5,6,7 days but ill wirte em like first day second day third day !
Lmao hope ya all understand

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