Chapter 1: things get weird when you're a hunter

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I wiped the vampire blood off my machete on an old t-shirt I kept in the trunk of my 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GT with the rest of my extensive collection of weapons. The case was a simple vamp nest in New Lexington, Ohio. I could do it with my eyes closed, vampires were my speciality. My dad Antony Hamilton is the closest thing to a celebrity the hunter world gets to. He is a legendary hunter. The good part of having him as my dad is that he taught me everything he knows including tricks most other hunters would never even think of, making me a pretty great hunter if I don't say so myself. The downside is, I could never live up to his reputation and people expect me to be flawless like my father. That's why I hunted by myself most of the time rather than with my dad. He didn't need my help and I didn't need his unless I was dealing with something BIG. I never told people who my dad was to avoid fan-girling-hunters. Plus I wasn't really into working with others, when I was seventeen my dad let me hunt by myself and ever since then I liked to keep to myself.

I carefully closed the boot of my precious Ferrari and ran my hand across the prancing horse proudly. I had won the car in a poker game when it was in a pretty banged up state, but my dad and I fixed it up until it was literally perfect. Since it was the only possession I could really keep, it became my prized possession, priceless in my eyes. I heard something in the woods behind me. I had parked my car in a field where a small house was located where the vampires HAD been nesting. I quickly grabbed my knife from my inside jacket pocket and snapped my head across in the direction of the noise assuming a vamp was coming home. I was sure I had gotten all of them, but perhaps somehow I hadn't figured out who all the vampires were. I turned and found nothing behind me, it was two in the morning so it was dark outside but my trained eyes could make out the forest line. I took one step closer in the direction of the sound and suddenly everything went black as I felt my legs go limp and give way underneath me.


I felt a strong hand grasp my shoulder, my hunter instincts kicked in and without opening my eyes to give the game away I grabbed my attacker's arms and pulled them down at the same time as kicking their right leg, bringing them to the floor. I shot my eyes opened, rolled over and sat on my attacker, pinning them down. I looked down at a very surprised, very hot man in his twenties looking up at me.

"Wow there princess!" The man said to me, l lifting his hands up innocently since he couldn't raise his whole arm because I had them both pinned down. I didn't budge. I quickly looked around and found myself on some road in the middle of the countryside, I couldn't see the field I was in before nor my bright red car. The even more worrying part was the fact that it was daytime now.

"What did you do to me?" I asked him, looking angrily into his almost too green eyes. He opened his mouth about to answer when I heard a car door close from behind me. I glanced behind me and found another man coming to join the two of us. He was probably the tallest person I had ever seen with sloppy, long brown hair who looked slightly younger than the other one. I clenched my jaw realising I was outnumbered. I lifted the man underneath me and slammed him into the ground again. "What did you do?" I asked him again more forcefully.

"We didn't do anything." The tall man said running over to me. I gripped tighter onto the green-eyed man feeling my nails dig into his skin slightly.

"We just found you laying there in the middle of the road." He said, his voice pained slightly due to my nails breaking his skin. I laughed, totally not believing them.

"You just expect me to believe I walked from a field in New Lexington to," I looked to my right and in the far distance was the town I was in. "some road going out of town?" I said to them, looking in between the two.

"New Lexington?" The one underneath me said in confusion then looking up at his partner who looked equally as confused.

"Ohio?" The tall one asked me. I looked up at him and narrowed my eyes.

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