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"What if I don't want to be the bad boy anymore?"


My dad walks into the house. Drunk. Again. What a surprise. I sit there in my room looking out of the window.

Now I hate to admit this but I'm crying. Seriously. I'm actually crying. Now I'm crying over a girl.

I've never felt anything for a girl considering all they ever want to do is get in my pants. None of them ever actually liked me.

Or ever tried to get to know me. But then this girl. This stupid fucking girl. Decided to actually get to know me.

But you know what? She left. Not with another guy. Because I'm-"Why the hell are you crying?" My dad interrupts.

I look over and wipe my face. "Guys do cry. But Bolts, like you, don't cry." My dad tells me walking out of the room. 

What if . . . 

What if I don't want to be the bad boy anymore?





Word Count: 168

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